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Hang 10 Speed: The Future Is Now

Innovations are coming at us so fast these days, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago you needed to carry loose change with you to make a phone call on the road, and computers were 9 foot tall air conditioned cabinets with less storage than 1/16th of your laptop. It’s crazy, isn’t it? But the world of Bicycles and Bike Racks are no strangers to quantum leaps in design and technology, either. Way back in the ‘30s we were using high-tech alloy steels for Bicycle frames and fork tubes – these days men of science have given us aluminum alloys, carbon fiber and titanium frames to boot. And Lance Armstrong thanks them.

Why then should the classic outdoor Bike Rack not be afforded some Star Trek-era innovation? Some futuristic coolness that is both visually interesting and helps to relive the congested Bicycle friendly neighborhoods and downtown areas? Well friends, they have. Take a look at this amazing bit of invention: The Anti Gravity Bike Rack. Abhinav Dapke of Bahrain and India has designed what he playfully calls a “parking stand design for congested bicycle parking.” Modest, he is. Because what Mr. Dapke has designed is not only functional, not only fun, but I think it might qualify as the first piece of Bike Rack Art.
The Anti Gravity Bike Rack keeps multiple Bicycles high off the ground, safe from thieves, children or floods. And the Bike Rack’s security is completely modern: each control panel features a finger print recognition sensor! Thanks to the Human Race’s one-of-a-kind fingerprints, no one is going to walk off with your Bicycle. The Rack’s control panel branches out of the trunk at user friendly height, beneath the hanging Bicycles, so it’s ergonomic and easy to use.

The Dapke Rack is a breath of fresh air, intensely creative, and an exciting look at where the Bike Racks of tomorrow might be going. I hope major corporations follow the lead, put this terrific innovation into use, and we start seeing Anti Gravity Bike Racks on street corners across America. Thanks for the inspiring ideas, Mr. Abhinav!

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