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Innovation Beyond Imagination: A HANGING Bike Rack!

I had to hit the awesome button.  Okay gang, everyone sit down and take a deep breath. I’m going to tell you something that you might not believe at first, but I assure you it’s all true, every word. They’ve come out with Bike Hacks that HANG FROM YOUR CEILING. Nope, it’s not April 1st. I’ve seen them. They’re real, they hang, and you can get one right now! I know! This totally changes everything, for sure. Because now space is never going to be a problem from anyone, and you’ll never have to worry about wrecking your bike in a messy garage or house — now you just have to look up, and there it is! Man, what the heck?! SOOOOO COOL! I mean, some may think it’s crazy to have a ten speed just hanging up in the air like that, but it’s safer, more efficient, and it’s awesome.

Now that you’ve used all of the wall space in your garage, and floor space that must be open for car parking, what to do about that little extra storage space that’s needed? Hoist a bicycle, ladder, canoe or other large items to the ceiling with this garage ceiling storage system! This garage storage rack lifts items to the ceiling (up to 12 feet high) with a unique rail design that mounts easily along the ceiling joist. With a 75-pound capacity, this garage bicycle rack uses a cam lock to secure the rope with every pull, making it user friendly for the average person. If a storage solution for smaller items is needed, simply load up to 75 pounds in a sack or garbage bag, secure it to the pulleys, and lift it up! Access to stored items is almost as simple as having them on a shelf! You’ll have all the storage space you need in no time!

Flat Tires are No Fun. Same Goes For a Garage with No Bike Rack.

Is there any hell worse than the hell of a flat tire? You’re out on a great ride, enjoying the path and the trees and the air and the freedom, and suddenly WHAM, WHOOSH, FLAT! Not good. It’s a true feeling of not good. Which is EXACTLY the feeling I get when I ride over to a friends house and see that their garage has no bike rack. I feel embarrassed for my friend, I feel sad, and to be honest, I feel a little angry. In this day and age, there’s really no reason to go without a bike rack, even in these troubling economic times. And the good news is, just like the ease of changing a flat tire, you can add a bike rack to your home or garage or front yard! Here’s a handy suggestion:

You’ll have NO NEED to lift up or hoist your bike with the easy-access 4 Bike Fold-Up. It features a patented locking A-Frame that folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Constructed of high carbon steel tubing with soft, rounded, euro-style corners, the rack is as attractive as it is rugged. The smooth powder coated finish resists scratches and rust. No assembly required. Rack opens from 3″ up to 24″. Man, that’s just perfect for the home or garage, especially a home or garage that doesn’t have a bike rack yet! And it sure beats a flat tire, know what mean? Good luck!

MOVIE REVIEW: Breaking Away. Let’s Count the Racks!

I thought it would be a blast to review some movies on here, movies that have to do with bikes! And what we’ll do, to make it even more fun, is count the amount of times BIKE RACKS show up in the movies! Ha-ha! Fun. Okay. I went over to the video store to get a movie with bikes, and after telling the kid that Ghost Rider doesn’t count, I found a bunch. I’ll keep the rest a secret for now, but today, we’re going to review the one called “Breaking Away”. It’s from 1979! Okay, these four guys just got out of high school and they hang out and they ride bikes. And one of them is crazy and thinks he’s Italian and his friends are understanding about his mental problems. But the whole town is nervous when a professional Bike Racing Team comes to town from Italy. The town is nervous that the crazy kid will do something dangerous. So his friends tell him that he should race the team. He does, and he almost wins, but the Italians realize he’s crazy and they wreck his bike. The Italians escape with their lives. Then the friends are so excited that the crazy kid can ride his bike fast that they challenge a bunch of university kids, because they think they can win. And they do.

It’s a good movie. Okay, let me count up the number of bike racks I saw. One, two, three, Three bike racks in “Breaking Away”. Ha-ha! So I guess we’ll give it 3 Stars! While I was watching the movie, I was also online, looking up some good bike racks to share, and I found this one, and you’ll love it!

If you need an awesome Free Standing 4-Bike Rack, a real high quality, built-to-last bicycle storage rack that can accommodate many styles of bikes, then look no further than this free standing bike rack! For four! (Just like the number of friends in the movie!) This garage bike rack is perfect for families and people who collect multiple bikes (of different kinds). The sturdy bike rack can store 4 bicycles at once, with easy adjustments to fit varying styles. The durable powder coated steel frame also has an epoxy coating for maximum protection against the rough garage environment. The bicycle rack is easy to assemble, with no tools required, so it’s perfect for the average user! Good luck!

An Amazing Bike Rack that Hangs From The Ceiling!

I heard about this new kind of Bike Rack they’ve been testing out and approved and that they sell now, and after hearing about it, I had to find it for myself. Wow. When I did, I was knocked out and blown away. The stories didn’t do it justice, not at all. The kind of rack I was looking at? A HANGING Bike Rack!! Can you imagine? Look at that, it’s up there, it’s really up there! Ha-ha! I like all kinds of bike racks, but when they hang from the ceiling like that, you’re really going to take notice. And I sure did when I found this one! Check it out —

This awesome Storage Pulley Hoist is rad for turning those unused areas up above into extra storage space! With a lifting capacity of 80 lbs. and a safety release mechanism that keeps it from accidentally releasing, the Storage Pulley Hoist is perfect for storing bicycles, canoes, deck furniture, ladders, kayaks and whatever you like!


Not just for storing bikes, this rack is ideal for storing all sorts of oddly shapes items, likes sports equipment that can be difficult to find the storage space for. Combining easy access with out of the way storage, this rack is great for both items that get used everyday, as well as items like canoes or camping equipment that only get used occasionally.

This bike rack saises and lowers loads in seconds with the (aprox) 40 feet of rope that’s even included! And I gotta tell you, it’s versatile enough to work on open rafters or finished ceilings of up to 9 feet in height, and that means it’s great for off season storage! So if you can get past the idea that this Bike Rack hangs from the ceiling, I would advise you to purchase one ASAP! Good luck!

In a Pinch? Pinch Back with this Surprisingly Simple Bike Rack!

These days, in this period of tough economic times, it seems like time is just flying away! It seems like a minute no longer has 60 seconds anymore! It’s all just going so fast, I would totally understand if you were having trouble finding the time to find a really nice, fancy bike rack. I would. And don’t worry, I understand. Sometimes you just need to get that bike racked as fast as possible, and not worry about glitter and nonsense. Sometimes I get carried away with all my excitement for the coolest and newest designs of bike racks, but sometimes these racks are expensive and require a lot of research to make sure you get the right one. It’s okay. I found a great rack for you, that’s prefect and simple and easy and fast!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends!  Good luck!

Enter the Bike Racktrix: The Amazing Digital World of Bike Racks!

We are totally in a crazy world of digital advances and futuristic computer coolness! They’ve thought of everything! My friend Cutter was showing me all these bike trails and pictures of his bikes and the footage of Lance at the Tour of California, and it was all ON HIS PHONE! Dude! I know. And it seems like even in these days of economic uncertainty, the advances are getting so crazy that soon they will set their sites on the world of bike racks and advance them, too! Why not, they’ve made everything else crazy and futuristic, why not the bike rack or bike stand? I would like to throw out suggestions about what they should do, but if I had ideas about what to make, I WOULD MAKE THEM! Ha-ha. I’d be rich. Anyway, until all the futuristic robot controlled bike racks show up, and start to think for themselves and we fight them, we still have plenty of great racks right here and now!

In these troubling economic times, you need value and dependability. If that’s what you’re after, then you’re after this awesome Aluminum Bike Rack that is Tension Mounted! There’s no minimum to the aluminum here, friends, it’s all aluminum. This rack is sleek and slender and it totally stores up to 2 bikes right out of the box, or you can add more with other attachments. If you look at the web page you’ll see how. It’s cool! It’s got a no-holes tension adjustment that secures the bike rack without wrecking your wall, and in these tough economic times, that’s cool. It adjusts to fit ceilings from 7′ to 11′ — like the convenience store. And that’s convenient. I would say this is a futuristic rack, maybe not crazy futuristic like the new space-age phones and all the internets, but it’s still pretty dang modern. You don’t really need anything more than a roof over your head, a nice family (just like my wife and three daughters), a couple of bikes, and a good place to rack them. All this other crazy technology is just glitter. It’s cool, but you can always just stick to the essentials! Good luck!

Take a Bold Look into the Future! (Then Figure out Where To Rack Your Bike!)

Take a look at that! Ha-ha! Can you believe your eyes?! Man, it looks like bicycling as we know it is over with!! But it isn’t — what you’re looking at is just a really neat future car that looks like a Jetsons car that fell on a bicycle. Don’t worry. Catherine Healey has a pretty cool blog on the subject, that you can here here, at this link right here. It seems like these days, besides all the troubling economic news, it seems like all the innovations are just getting cooler and cooler! How about a cool way to rack a bike inside your garage or home or apartment, quick and easy? I’m glad you asked, friends, because I have just the thing!

This is a 2 Bike Gravity Rack that is just the best for keeping 2 of your bikes safe and racked. There’s no need for complicated wires and pulleys and nails, as cool as those things are, because this bicycle rack simply leans against the wall! That’s called perfect if you live in an apartments and small storage sheds, it won’t even upset your walls! The 2 Bike Gravity Rack features independently adjustable arms, and it totally fits just about any style of bike. Well, not the bike picture up above (that crazy red bike of the future thing that might just be a car), but your bike, probably. It just goes to show you that sometimes, neat future things are zippy and fun to look at, but when it comes down to it, the best kind of bike racks and bike stands and 2 bike gravity racks and the kind that are simple and easy to use. Keep it simple, Simon! Good luck!

Only Smart People Ride Bicycles

I need to get personal for a moment. I don’t often write about matters of the heart here on Bike Racks Blog, but as it is a blog all about bike racks, and this story has to do with bike racks, then I feel it’s okay to tell it. Sometimes (more times than you would think), people, mean people, will come up to me, or write to me, or call me in the middle of the night, and tell me this blog is a useless gesture, that no one cares about bikes and bicycle riding, and certainly not about bike racks, and that smart people have moved on. That there’s this new thing called an automobile, an invention so cutting edge that you don’t need your feet to pedal it. That 1846 wants to know why modern humans haven’t evolved past two wheels, a seat, a chain, a sloped, paved hill, and hope. To all of them, I say down with you and your negativity. You know who likes bicycles? Smart people.

Albert Einstein rode a bicycle. He loved bicycles. And his best ideas came to him while he was riding. In fact the large book I read on him said that ALL of his ideas came to him while riding a bike. And you can bet he had ideas for bike racks! He was the smartest man ever — he probably could have designed the best bike rack of all if he wasn’t busy with his math and science and mad wizardry. And I can tell you with all certainty that if Albert Einstein was alive today, he would own this awesome Garage Bike Rack.

He would be able to park his bicycle in the garage, without the worry of mounting or lifting! He would know that this free-standing floor bike rack is the best, that it firmly holds one or two bikes, and fits easily into slim spaces, like between the car and garage wall. Einstein would also know that this indoor bike rack would hold any size wheel securely, without using a bike’s kickstand, keeping his bikes as safe as the science secrets he told the government.

He would enjoy the rubberized feet, that would protect his laboratory floor against scratches from the rack’s steel frame, because smart people take precautions. And you know what? Smart people also write blogs. Blogs about bike racks. So for all the “haters” out there that potty-mouth trash-talk this blog, just “chill”. Maybe you should stop making fun of me and invest in a bicycle and improve your I.Q. and then pick up a Garage Bike Rack to go with it. I suggest you lay off teasing me, and buy one. Good Luck!

I Know A Terrific Way To Fight Terror! Guess How!

These days, with all this talk about economic trouble, it’s easy to forget the other scary thing, terror. And I don’t just mean terrorism, which is horrible and awful, but terror in general. Like the terror of finding out your house burned down, or the terror of being hit in the face with a hammer, or the terror of finding out you left the house with wearing deodorant and it’s going to be 100 degrees and you’re going to be in the office giving a report that is important and that girl that you like is going to be sitting right next to the presentation board. Terror. But yo know me, I have answers. ha-ha. And I have the answer to this one, too. Actually, great minds must think alike, because I know the answer, but so do the folks at Because they made this sticker:

The nail has been hit right on the head with this one, boys! How right you are! I’m not 100 percent sure what the no-sign around the gasoline pump means, but I think it means because when you ride a bike, you don’t use any. Because that’s what great about bicycle riding! no matter how stressed out you are, it doesn’t matter when you go out an ride a bike! And when you get home, you feel so much better, that nothing can terrorize you. You’re immune! Terror free. So now your home, and you need a great way to rack that bike. You bet you do! And you should use this great Bike Tension Storage Rack from Stacks And Stacks!

Terror causes tension, bicycle riding takes it away, and the tension bike rack uses tension to rack your bike! That’s called the circle of life! Ha-ha! This rack is also the perfect way to de-clutter your garage. It adjusts easily to fit ceiling heights from 7’6″ to 9’6″. The easy-adjust arms accommodate any bike, and it has a cool, premium-quality silver powder coat finish makes it awesome. Best of all? The rack holds up 4 bikes. So fight terror every day by riding your bike. Just hope no one steals it. That would be terrifying! Good luck!

The Airborne Identity: This Bike Hangs Out Mid-Air.

Up, Up, and Away! By far the most popular Bike Racks that I write about on this blog are the Bike Racks that hang the bike over the ground. Hoisted Bike Racks. Bike Racks not unlike the Up and Away Bike Hoist from Stacks and Stacks. People just can’t get enough of them, and who can find a reason to dislike them, really? Not only are they a terrific way of keeping your bike, your expensive investment in these troubled economic times, up and safe from thieves, but they’re great for keeping the garage neat, and orderly, and clean! And you save space by MAXIMIZING your space! But I think I know another reason. They’re just COOL! Ha-ha. I know it sounds silly, but hear me out. I think there is still a little child-like wonder inside of all of us, even in these uncertain economic times, and I think when we see something cool like this, we are reminded of the old days of things like ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds and fun things! Things that we like today, but have to enjoy through our children or our wives may get mad at us for behaving too “infantile” in public. Or something like that. Ha-ha!

This one in particular is a doozy. The Up and Away Bike Hoist is cool for alot of reasons, not just that it is a hanging Bike Rack. It holds up to 50 pounds, and it will lift your bike up to 12 feet! Cool. It is an easy-to-install model. Cooler. And it will hold ANY STYLE bike INCLUDING TANDEMS! That, my friends, is the coolest. You should really think about purchasing this Up and Away Bike Hoist if you don’t already have one. Even in these uncertain economic times, it’s a wise investment to protect your other investment! And don’t worry, folks — there are plenty more hanging bike racks out there — and I’m going to write about them all!