Monthly Archives: December 2009

A Perfect Bike Rack Solution for the Holidays!

Everyone is telling me that the world is getting kinda tense these days, and that maybe money stuff is kinda crazy in America. I hadn’t really noticed, because I like to keep my mind positive and upbeat, but I have some good advice for everyone if they’re feeling tense: go out and ride a bike. It sounds crazy, but it really helps with stress and tension and bad thoughts. Simply put, you just outrun your trouble! The faster you pedal, the less you have any bad feelings! I bike ride at least four times a day, and I tell you, I’ve never been happier! The one tension I allow in my life, the ONLY tension, is a tension I recommend to you:

The Bike Tension Storage Rack from is a dream come true, and a great way to store your bikes! I enjoy Stack’s entire selection of Bike Racks, but this model is a real treat. It works in the same principle as those neat bathroom shower tension rods, except it holds bikes! It adjusts between 7’6″ to 9’6″, so you’re covered, wherever you need it. The Bike Tension Storage Rack’s easy-adjust arms will hold up to 4 bikes. But trust me, 4 bikes is a job for the Tension rack. If YOU feel tension, all you need is one bike. Take a deep breath, and bicycle your way to happiness. Its power source is you. Which is good, because my friends tell me that soon gasoline and electricity may be tough to come by.