Monthly Archives: January 2010

Unidentified Flying Bike Rack Phenomenon (UFBRP)

No, don’t be scared. Not a REAL UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT! It’s a Hoist Monster! As I’ve hopefully showed everyone, there are just so many wonderful ways to Rack Bikes, from “old school” ways to cutting edge new ways as well also. But totally the coolest way is hanging them up from the ceiling in the air above the ground. Not only is is a conversation starter (“Hey Larry, how did you get that bike in the air?”), it’s also a handy way to keep clutter and un- organization off the floor and keep it out from underfoot by putting it mid-air. Sometimes these devices are called Hoists. And sometimes… they’re called UFOs.

I should have saved this post for Halloween, but I just couldn’t wait! Ha-ha! It’s the Hoist Monster from Stacks and Stacks! It doesn’t look like a UFO, and it doesn’t look scary, but I guess what it scares away is clutter and un-organization, both of which should be very scarred of it, ha-ha. It’s a real tough device, which gives you piece of mind, and it also features a limited lifetime warranty, which is EVEN BETTER piece of mind. AND everything’s included for easy ceiling installation. It’s a great way to rack! This monster has covered all the bases, no doubt about it. It’s really the nicest monster I have ever met. And I’ve met some monsters! And seen some UFOs! Okay, bye.