Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Very Perfect Rack for Bikes

Hey sometimes we get so seroius around here that I wanted to lighten it up a bit with some fun pictures! Wild! I guess the sight of a guy riding a bike out on the sand was crazy, and all the beach people were all like “WHAT?!” and he was all “look at my big tires!” and then he drove past the sand, into the ocean, and he was all “I can drive my bicycle over water itself!” and everyone was shock and the coast guards though he was a terrorist and shot him dead. That’s the sad reason that you won’t be buying his invention anytime soon: it’s Exhibit C in a pending wrongful death trial. It’s safe to say, his invention died with him. What didn’t die, though, is value at Stacks and Stacks. It’s here to stay.

Look at this awesome Bike Rack For 6 Bikes with Top Rack-Carbon Steel I found! Dude, for real. This easy to use bike rack stores up to 6 bikes upright! Not 5, 6!! It’s got a sleek euro styled powder coated steel frame that cradles front wheels securely and conveniently, and a heavy duty carbon steel frame that uses plastic inserts at all connections to eliminate metal to metal contact that can lead to rust and corrosion and all those darn hardware and assembly tools are included and that means you can use it also as an accessory storage rack that holds helmets, book bags and more! Pretty cool. And while it’s innovative, I think it’s also safe to say the inventor of this beauty is not wrongfully dead. No, he’s totally rich!