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Assume the position for an Awesome New Bike Rack

Top secret designs should remain top secret, because if they weren’t intended to be top secret, no one would keep hem secret in the first place. Think about it. So there is this guy who stole an iPhone that was top secret, and now he might be in trouble. But sometimes top secret designs are used, and the thing is put into production, and then the plans are no longer secret. Like this cool new bike rack I found! It’s called a Bike Tree Rack, and it’s going to change the way you think about bike racks!!

Science is always improving designs. Sometimes it seems like things can’t possibly be designed any better, and WHAM, the scientists come up with a better design. Fantastic. Well, why not bike racks? We got our paws on these neat new designs for a terrific new bike rack, sure, but guess what? They sell it right now! This Heavy Duty Bike Tree is a brand new bike storage system, and it’s for sale at Stacks and Stacks. This bicycle rack holds two bikes on its patented arm assembly that can move up and down as well as side to side for perfect positioning. And what makes this bike tree so cool, so really special, is that it holds any style of bike! Think about that for one second, then TRY not to order one! It features a powder coated steel tube construction that is both durable and stylish! And get ready, because this unique bike rack stands 84″ tall and the vinyl coated arms will not scratch or mar the paint! Dude, really. AND it holds up to 120 pounds and requires some assembly, no tools needed!
Pretty sweet. Pretty wild. Pretty bike rack! Good luck!

Broke your BIKE RACK? Buy a Leaning Bike Rack!

Ouch, this bike rack is done. It’s all over for this rack. There will be no more bikes in this rack’s future. It’s broken. Afraid YOU are going to break your bike rack? Don’t worry. All my friends on the Bike Rack Forum have a whole lot to say on the subject, and you can check out here, at this link right here. It seems like these days, besides all the troubling economic and everything in the news, it seems like all the innovations are just getting cooler and cooler! How about a cool way to rack a bike inside your garage or home or apartment, quick and easy? I’m glad you asked, friends, because I have just the thing! A leaning bike rack!

This is a 2 Bike Gravity Rack that is just the best for keeping 2 of your bikes safe and racked. There’s no need for complicated wires and pulleys and nails, as cool as those things are, because this bicycle rack simply leans against the wall! That’s called perfect if you live in an apartments and small storage sheds, it won’t even upset your walls! Sot his rack won’t leave behind screw holes, or leave your wall marked up. Simply lean this rack against the wall and it’s ready to store. The 2 Bike Gravity Rack features independently adjustable arms, and it totally fits just about any style of bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes. Well, not the bike picture up above (that crazy red bike of the future thing that might just be a car), but your bike, probably. It just goes to show you that sometimes, neat future things are zippy and fun to look at, but when it comes down to it, the best kind of bike racks and bike stands are 2 bike gravity racks and the kind that are simple and easy to use. Keep it simple, Simon! Good luck!

The biggest BIKE RACK ever in HUMAN HISTORY!!

These days, in this period of tough economic times, it seems like taking time for art is kinda wasteful, but I disagree! You might take one look at this incredible Bike Rack Art and think it’s not only too big, but a waste of bikes and metal and time and energy. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s ART! This massive bike rack structure was created by bestselling artist Christo, and this photo was taken 1 day before he wrapped the entire project in a blue canvas. That’s right, that REALLY is Christo’s M.O. — he does weird wrappings and landscapes with colored umbrellas. Weird? Maybe! But it’s art, and good for him to make a gigantic bike rack! Anyway, all this art can sometime take you away from what’s important in life. It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m still all about finding you the best bike racks available. Just like this one! It’s prefect and simple and easy and cool!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel as well as the wall, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends! Good luck!