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INJUSTICE ALERT: Bike Enthusiast unfairly treated for his beliefs.

You may read the news and hear about what is going on so you probably heard about this already but I’ll tell you now because IT’S IMPORTANT. On the internet, this story tells all about this guy who was totally slam-a-blammed for loving bicycles and bicycle riding. You can go read the story but if you don’t have time I’ll cut and paste the important, important part:

NEW YORK ( — In January 2009, a disgruntled JetBlue customer was slapped with a $50 fee for checking a box containing a fold-up bicycle, clothes and some cheese. The box met the height and weight requirements to keep it from warranting a baggage fee, but JetBlue’s policy for checking a bicycle, no matter the size, called for a $50 charge.

The angry passenger called the airline’s customer service center but was repeatedly told it was company policy and that no exceptions would be made. After getting back home, he took his fight public in a blog post on the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s website.

Then it was picked up by Twitter.

Within three days JetBlue called the cyclist back to tell him the $50 charge had been reversed and that it was changing its policy. “I have a great deal of respect for a company that is capable of recognizing an error and working quickly to fix it, ha-ha,” wrote the cyclist. The resolution of the saga was picked up in the bike blogosphere and Consumerist.

Yes, you guessed correctly… the airline passenger was ME. Boy, that whole thing made me mad. But alls well that ends well, ha-ha! I spent that 50 bucks on a new bike rack! Next time I fly JetBlue, I’m seriously going to consider taking a whole BUNCH of bikes with me – so I’m going to need something real cool, like this real cool bicycle storage rack called the Freestanding 4-Bike Rack from the folks over at Stacks and Stacks.

Need a bike rack that can accommodate many styles of bikes? This is the one for you. It’s a really sweet free standing bike rack! Great for the garage, this bike rack is perfect for families and people who collect multiple bikes (yes, that means me). It is super easy to put together, and super easy to use as well. Tough and strong and great looking, too! So really, I can’t think of a better way to store multiple bikes of different styles all in the same place, all at the same time. It makes organizing you garage a whole lot easier to, because all of your bikes can be stacked up. Maybe those wise guys at JetBlue hate bicycles, but I know you don’t, and I sure don’t, so don’t hesitate to buy this bike rack and show JetBlue what America is all about!!

Quantum of Solstice

Summer Solstice is here today, friends! The heat is on it’s way! Woo-hoo! That means peak bike-riding days ahead! I can’t wait for the burning heat, the 100-plus degree weather, the boiling wall of fire, the hellish nightmare furnace that is summer to crank up its thermostat and fry the sweat right off my face. Summer is great for bike riding and working up a real sweat, a real biblical sweat, an Apache sweat. And to cool yourself off in the summer? Trees. Ah, shade. It’s cool! You know what other kinds of trees are cool? Bike rack trees! Check out this crazy cool Bike Tree. Hot!! Right?

Now, don’t think this is some kind of re-do of an older, more useless bike tree. No way. Ha-ha. This Heavy Duty Bike Tree is a new bike storage system. This bicycle rack holds two bikes on its patented arm assembly that can move up and down as well as side to side for perfect positioning. And what makes this bike tree so cool, so really special, is that it holds any style of bike! Think about that for one second, then TRY not to order one! It features a powder coated steel tube construction that is both durable and stylish! And get ready, because this unique bike rack stands 84″ tall and the vinyl coated arms will not scratch or mar the paint! Dude, really. AND it holds up to 120 pounds and requires some assembly, no tools needed!
Pretty sweet. Pretty wild. Pretty bike rack! Good luck!