Monthly Archives: July 2010


Holy, holy Toledo, I had a BAD NIGHTMARE last night. Imagine this: a hellish world of gross black smoke, boiling lava, free-range fire, hot rocks, devil imagery, and torture shops. Sounds bad, sure, but it also sounds like Sacramento in early September. What made MY NIGHTMARE so very scary was the fact that in this bubbling hot-fire hell-house, THERE WERE NO BIKE RACKS. I know, unthinkable. In the dream I was leading a group of brave bicycle enthusiasts across this unspeakably terrifying vista, leading them, I hoped, to a vending machine of cool water, possibly a Snickers Marathon Energy bar, and at the very least, a BIKE RACK. So this group of tired, poor, huddled, yearning, breathing-free enthusiasts could rack their bikes for one moment of peace. But this was a NIGHTMARE, with the same thing happening again and again and again and again and again and again with no bike racks anywhere! Whew. I woke up screaming. I ran to my computer, and saw that it was still powered up, still on a website that would make me feel so much better. Friends, my computer was still tuned to Stacks and Stacks, and I was starting at something beautiful. I was staring at Stack’sFree Standing Bike Rack. Thank the lord, I was in heaven.

It’s a strong, black powder coated, steel framed free standing bike rack, and it really gives you a storage option for your bikes that doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. Or send you to a hell with no bike racks, BECAUSE IT IS A BIKE RACK, ha-ha!! Since this unit is free standing it gives you the option of placing it anywhere. Which is why they call it free standing. AND this bike rack looks stylish AND is able to handle up to 200 lbs worth of bikes AND is awesome! No wall required! Use it inside or outside, this rack can handle any bike holding job! I want you to think about that. And think about not having nightmares, too! Good luck!