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Bike Racks Dot Com worships a brand New Idol

Yep, that wreck is absolutely as asphalt-eating terrible as it looks. It happened in the sleepy Northern California town of Santa Rosa not long ago. Santa Rosa is mostly known for its tide pools, logging industry, and the Pez Factory, but it also is a hotbed of bicycle activity. Bicycle enthusiasts can be found on just about any street corner, and sometimes they aren’t riding a bicycle. Ha-ha! Anyway, there was a race. Many Santa Rosa folks, and many from abroad, and many from Cleveland, and Paris, raced their bikes. And then, there was one fella who used substandard tracking foils on his dimster-splitter (in the front gulf), and he crashed. Which lead to chain reaction. An ugly, FATAL one. Many cyclists perished, BUT ALL WAS NOT LOST!!

Santa Rosa is crafty, so they bandied together and took all of those smashed bikes and created a tribute to the bikers who bravely gave their lives to race that race.

They actually built a giant tower crafted from all the destroyed bicycles; bicycles destroyed that horrible day in Santa Rosa. There were many.

Finally lifting the mighty shaft of wheel and steel into place, the healing began. it wasn’t soon before Santa Rosa was hosting races again, and the speeds were back up to 10. Friends, in these troubling economic times, and even in Santa Rosa, you need safety, sure. But you also need value and dependability. And if it’s those last two your after, then by definition you’re after this awesome Aluminum Bike Rack that is Tension Mounted!

There’s no minimum to the aluminum here, friends, it’s all aluminum. This rack is sleek and slender and it totally stores up to 2 bikes right out of the box, or you can add more with other attachments. If you look at the web page you’ll see how. It’s cool! It’s got a no-holes tension adjustment that secures the bike rack without wrecking your wall, and in these tough economic times, that’s cool. It adjusts to fit ceilings from 7′ to 11′ — like the convenience store. And that’s convenient. I would say this is a futuristic rack, maybe not crazy futuristic like the new space-age phones and all the internets, but it’s still pretty dang modern. You don’t really need anything more than a roof over your head, a nice family (just like my girlfriend and three daughters), a couple of bikes, and a good place to rack them. All this other crazy technology is just glitter. It’s cool, but you can always just stick to the essentials! Good luck!