Monthly Archives: December 2010

Cold, Chilling Holiday Nights demand you chill out with some stone-cold Holiday Deals!

Brrrr. Winter is here today, friends! The Holidays and Santa are on the way! Woo-hoo! That means peak bike-related gift buying days ahead! I can’t wait for the undoubtedly great gifts I’ll receive this year from all my friends and fans of this blog! The Holidays are great because not only do you find values but you can get so many things for free if you just ask for them and the people you ask shop at the right places and like you enough to get you great things and not weak gifts or “gag” gifts because those are the worst! And you now what is the best part of the holidays? Christmas trees!! You know what other kinds of trees are cool? Bike rack trees! Check out this crazy cool Bike Tree. Cool!! Right?

Now, isn’t this the PERFECT GIFT FOR A WRITER OF A BIKE BLOG (me)? Hint, hint. Ha-ha. This Heavy Duty Bike Tree is a new bike storage system. This bicycle rack holds two bikes on its patented arm assembly that can move up and down as well as side to side for perfect positioning. And what makes this bike tree so cool, so really special, is that it holds any style of bike! Think about that for one second, then TRY not to order one! It features a powder coated steel tube construction that is both durable and stylish! And get ready, because this unique bike rack stands 84″ tall and the vinyl coated arms will not scratch or mar the paint! Dude, really. AND it holds up to 120 pounds and requires some assembly, no tools needed!
Pretty sweet. Pretty wild. Pretty bike rack! Good luck!