Monthly Archives: January 2011

A Big Foot needs not a Bike Rack.

AHHGH! BIGFOOT! Like there isn’t enough danger out there for the modern bike enthusiast, we’re faced with a pwefora of reports from the northwestern seaboard about Yeti Strikes on unsuspecting bicyclists. Horrible. The AP is filing story after story about lone bike riders, out on lonely forest paths, who unexpected run into this loner, this cryptozoological behemoth, and are scared senseless. While common sense thinking would have us bike-fans sticking to the tried-and-true streets and bike paths of our towns and cities, I refuse to accept that we can no longer journey into nature. I will not relinquish my right to load my car with 4 of my favorite bikes, using the aforementioned 4 Bike Car Bike Rack from Stacks and Stacks, and head into the great wilderness.

If you’re with me, and want to head out to the northwest territories and ride bikes, you’d better believe the 4 Bike Car Bike Rackis your best bet. This awesome car bike rack provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate today’s wide variety of bike frame designs while still maintaining all the advantages of having a hitch mounted bike rack. This rack holds four bikes and rotates to allow your bikes to be carried with the wheels level to the ground and provide greater clearance. Other features include a locking knob for added security and soft vinyl cushioning, which is grooved for cables and provides a secure, scratch free ride for your bike. Can accommodate up to a 2 inch frame tube. Assembly required. Good luck!

Even Kids Who Think They Know Eveything Need To Know About Bike Racks!

Jeez, how about this guy? He certainly thinks he’s cool. Kids seem to do that. They act smart, crack wise, and mouth off. And when you mix dangerous levels of self-confidence, a 4th grade intellect, and allow no filter, you get… this blog! Ha-ha. Just kidding. No, really, you get kids! And poor kids; those poor, poor kids. After they are done acting smarter than adults and sassing elders, they notice that their bike is stolen. But wait, son, I thought you were so smart! I thought I told you to chain and lock your bike to a rack when you got to the park, and you told me you didn’t need to! Stop crying, son! I thought you were so certain of your world, a world that no longer includes your bike. How did you think your bike was stolen? Can you think of anything, anything at all that could have prevented thieves from taking your bike, forever? Anything that I suggested to you before you went to the park? No? Really? They often end up with no bikes. I doubt things will ever change. But what I don’t doubt, is the coolness of this playfully titled bike-rack, the Indoor/Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack. Cool!! Right?

Tired of tripping over those kid-sized bikes in your garage? Sick of near-misses with bikes left laying in the driveway? Take a close look at the Indoor/Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack. This bike rack can hold both child and adult sized bikes! That means this bike rack has a capacity of up to 8 bicycles. It is crafted out of Poly Lumber – which is lumber mixed with plastic. That means the bike rack won’t split, or rot away – plus the color will last for many years without fading. The black pipes are aluminum, and the hardware is stainless steel. Instructions and necessary hardware included, all you need is a 7/16″ wrench for assembly! And kids, remember: even if you ignore grown-up advice to lock and rack your bike, be sure to follow the advice of those big yellow signs. Good luck!