Monthly Archives: March 2011

Challenge the Laws of Gravity with this Gravity Challenging Bike Rack!

Jeez, how about this guy? He’s headin’ for a brusin’ — or crusin’ for a hurtin’. If only we could save him from his fate, with like a really neat futuristic device that could change the way gravity works, like really just make sure he didn’t clobber his face and more importantly wreck that sweet bike, simply by using a device that could stop gravity in it’s tracks and by extension stop this guy and his bike in their tracks so he didn’t wreck that cool bike and break face, which he’s about to do. Man, too bad it’s only 2010 (almost 2011, ha-ha) and no one has invented that futuristic thing yet, and when they do, they should invent a futuristic time machine so they can go back in time and stop this guy from eating it. But hey, maybe he didn’t crash his bike into that rock, sending him over the edge of that cliff, maybe gravity DID stop, maybe gravity stopped, and everyone was so freaked out that some forward-thinking guy actually had time to go run and get his camera and take a photo of this biker floating in midair. Maybe. I doubt it. You don’t mess with gravity. But what I don’t doubt, is the coolness of this similarly titled bike-rack, the Gravity Bike Rack. Cool!! Right? It’s from Stacks.

A bicycle stand built for two! The space-saving Gravity Bike Rack holds 2 bicycles and helmets securely and needs no installation. Just choose a location and place the bike-rack against any wall. That’s all! No drilling into walls, and no mounting hardware. For added convenience, this unique bike storage stand has two hooks to hang riding helmets. Rubber pads on the back of the rack protect your wall. Perfect for apartments, condos, garages, homes and anywhere space is limited or permanent markings are prohibited. Arms can be partially rotated. Bike rack extends 12.5″ from the wall. Made of sturdy steel tubing. Weight limit is 100 pounds. Good luck!