Monthly Archives: April 2011

Raise the Roof with a Hanging Bike Rack!

Well, you certainly don’t have to be a super-human type being to get up on the ceiling. And you don’t have to be a rock climber hang upside down. And you really don’t need to work for the phone company, either. How do you do it? Let me explain to you how. Feast you eyes on some serious awesomeness. This amazing Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack and Hoist takes your bike, and HANGS IT! That’s right a hanging bike rack, perfect for the garage.

Pretty neat, huh? The first time I installed one back in 2003, my kids and I stood and stared. My wife said it looked like a scene out of her favorite film, “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”. She was exactly right, and the Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack’s tough cam lock and frame is exactly right as well. You know what? It also holds ladders, if your bike is out in the shop. Or you’re out riding it. It’ll actually safely hoist up anything you want, up to 75 pounds! That was great for my cramped garage, since it freed up floor space in a snap. There is just so much stuff around in there, the Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack really helps. It helps your bike “rise above” all the clutter! (Ha-ha, sorry, bad pun.)

I’d nab one of these Aluminum Overhead Garage Racks quick, and hang your goods up, if I were you. You’ll be envied by your neighbors, and like I said, your kids will love watching things float up there. My wife was so happy after I bought one, that she said that she could overlook all of my “wacky eccentricities” because I finally came though on something I said I could: I made a bike float in the air. Ha-ha! Peace! You’ll be enjoying yours and all the storage it offers for years to come.

Threeasy Does it! Three Times the Rack, Three Times the Cool!

I love the outdoors, and I love bikes, and I love my family! Remember that guy who combined the phone with the iPod? Well, I also like to combine the things I love! Best weekend ever: me, my daughter Tess and my wife Lauren all headed out to Diamond Park, out to the amazing paved bike trail they have there. We had a great time. Really, really great. We biked all day long, each with our own bikes!

You know, getting all those bikes out to place as neat and bike-friendly as Diamond Park is no easy feat, but my friends at STACKS AND STACKS have the perfect solution! And you know what? It made my trip possible! Check out this awesome Car Bike Rack – 3 Bike. It holds THREE BIKES!

Yep, the Car Bike Rack – 3 Bike attaches to the SUV and holds our bikes safely and securely, so there are no accidents. And it gets all our bikes out to the farthest paths, or just around the corner to the local ones! It’s a real sturdy and easy to install deal, and it has soft vinyl cushioning, which is grooved, to keep your bikes unscratched. Boy I like this Car Bike Rack – 3 Bike, and I think you will too, if you have the a large family and the need for a large bike racks. I tell my wife, “no more having kids honey”, because the Car Bike Rack – 3 Bike won’t hold any new bikes! Ha-ha. Just kidding. We’ll get a bike rack that holds FOUR. Good Luck!