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Protect Your Car From Your Bike

Talking all about bicycles, bike racks and all the accessories that go along with storing them is wonderful, but I have an incredible bicycle transportation accessory for any type of vehicle. This car cargo accessory is the type of accessory that keeps the upholstery in your car, van or SUV clean and free from damage.

nfl team logo cargo mats

nfl team logo cargo mats

As a dedicated reader and follower of the original Bike Rack Blog, I am sure you are a big fan of off road bicycling. I know I am; there are few joys in life equal to that of taking a mountain bike through forest trails, through giant puddles and across muddy hills. It brings me a joy like none other to my life, as I am sure it does to you, faithful reader.

I have just purchased a brand new car, and I want to make sure I keep the upholstery looking great for years, especially in the cargo area, which I utilize often. I was surfing the web when I came across the ideal cargo mats to protect the interior of my vehicle and show off my sportiness. NFL team logo cargo mats are the perfect way to keep the storage area of your vehicle looking brand new, even after years of ownership! The mats are made from sturdy vinyl material, ensuring that they keep your car’s upholstery safe from mud, chain grease and other various upholstery staining slimes.

The mat comes in handy for more than just transporting bicycles. I have two kids play youth football, and the mat is perfect for placing their muddy and sweaty pads on after games. I was able to coordinate the vinyl pad to their team name, making out van the “official” team van for transporting pads after the game.

There is a wide variety of team choices, and all of them can be found online at!