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Get Everything Under Control With A Bin Organizer

When you have a large and growing family of six, storing all of their possessions can get to be quite a difficult issue. Just some of the things I need to find space to store includes sporting equipment, camping gear, old clothing, trophies, books, old artwork, holiday decorations and so much more! Finding a place to put all of this stuff can become quite a burden on our attic and basement, with cardboard boxes upon cardboard boxes piling up everywhere! Another huge issue with storing things in cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other is that they always seem to fall apart – and it always feels like the boxes wait until you are carrying them to suddenly give out! That’s why bin organizers are a must.

Box Organizer PVC Storage Unit for Bins

Box Organizer PVC Storage Unit for Bins

So, while I was doing my yearly spring cleaning task, I decided that something had to be done about all of the clutter that was filling the basement and attic. I wanted something that would organize all of my family’s stored possessions in one easy-to locate place. What I was able to find that works perfectly is the Box Organizer PVC Storage Unit for Bins. This unit is made from durable PVC material, providing storing for up to 12 boxes! There are two types of storage bins that fit into this PVC unit – the 32-Gallon Folding Nylon Bins w/Lids – Set of 4 and the Plastic Storage Box (set of 4) 30 gallons.

The bins fit perfectly into the PVC unit, and can be slid out and opened. Now that I have this bin unit, I am sure where everything is at all times. I can even label the bins so it is easy and quick for me to find exactly what I am looking for. With up to 1200 pounds of storage capacity, I am still looking for items to store in this incredible storage unit!

Stacking Shoe Rack – A Tool With Many Uses

Organizing your home can be one of the most rewarding things to do.  It has been found that when your home is tidy and things have a proper place, you feel more relaxed within your space.  Organization cuts down on wasted time spent looking for items you own, while giving you a sense of confidence that you have done your best to take care of the belongings you have worked so hard to own. A stacking shoe rack is the perfect storage solution.
My favorite place to organize is in the closet.  Anyone can do it, and just about everyone needs it.  Because we are not cartoons – we do not wear the same outfit every day, so it is safe to say that if you own more than a few outfits and more than a few pair of shoes (and most people do) then you can use a system for keeping the closet tidy.  I have a small walk in closet that is more like a passage way between the bedroom and bathroom.  Keeping a tidy closet is especially important for me because my closet needs to have a clear pathway in order to walk through without tripping.

stacking metal shelf

stacking metal shelf

And shoes are my biggest issue because I own so many of them.  Like a lot of women, I love shoes.  For me, they’re a way of accessorizing, like wearing a dazzling pair of earrings or a cool belt.  When there isn’t enough time to pick out a snazzy outfit, or I just feel like it is a “T-shirt and jeans kind of day”, a great pair of shoes will make me feel not so dull.  It is no shocker that I store my shoes on a freestanding shoe rack at the bottom of the closet, but what I like most about my stacking shoe rack is that it can hold more than just shoes.  I use additional stackable shoe racks to hold sweaters, purses and even food items in the pantry. I also use them in the garage for bike accessories!
How many ways could you benefit from this chrome shoe storage rack?

Outdoor Storage Bench For the Patio Or Garage

Summer is right around the corner!  That means it is time to get the backyard into shape and looking great for all the fun outdoor activities with an outdoor storage bench.  My family loves to have the neighbors over for barbecues, and all of my children have summer birthdays so we end up having a lot of parties in our back yard.  But with all of the summer fun comes summer clutter!  Pool toys, soccer balls, bikes, sand toys, basket balls, beach towels – you name it, we’ve got it laying around.

Storage Box - Deck Box

Storage Box – Deck Box

So I keep all of those outdoor items stored away in a storage box – deck box.   This outdoor storage bench is just the right size, and it makes it easy enough for the kids to toss items inside when they’re done playing.  That way, I can enjoy my glass of wine on the patio in the evening without having to look at a messy yard.  With a fifty gallon capacity, this outdoor storage container has ample space for sports equipment and even some gardening tools.  It’s made from weather resistant material, so I don’t have to worry about it deteriorating and I know my money’s well spent.  Also, the putty finish and bead board style accent panel make it an attractive solution for concealing those unsightly things.

But the thing I appreciate most about my outdoor storage bench is that when there aren’t enough chairs at our summer cookouts, a few guests can use it for sitting. Don’t let patio clutter keep you down this summer and keep you from enjoying the sun! Do what I did and pay attention to your outdoor clutter as much as do inside the house. Without a messy backyard to worry about you can sit back, relax and enjoy the perks of summer!

Storage Boxes with Industrial Strength!

Looking for a storage box with industrial strength?  Look no further than this storage box, which is designed for heavy duty storage anywhere in the home, inside and out or even at the office.

Storage Box

Storage Box

To start, this plastic storage box utilizes a heavy grade of plastic on all of its parts, it’s not the kind of plastic that you will cut through with an exacto knife – this one is made to last for years of handy storage to come.  Another great thing about this plastic bin is that the lid is designed to reduce water damage to your stored contents, starting with the grooves built into the top that channel water away and don’t allow pooling.  Then the lid wraps around the side by a few inches, so there is little chance of water getting into the box when you take into account the heavy duty locking mechanism on each side.  The extra dark green plastic design also keeps the sun from damaging stored contents, a big plus when looking to store outside!

Here are some fresh ideas to get you started on what to store inside this great plastic box:
·         Pool and Other Water Toys:  Whether you have an in ground pool or an array of sprinklers for the kids and grandkids to play with, this extra large plastic box is great for storing all of their outdoor toys, even those fun Styrofoam noodles!
·         Gardening supplies! Keep your short handled hoes, spades, gloves and any other gardening tools that you use on a daily basis outside where you need it, but free from rust and damage caused by wet weather.
·         Kids Treasures Storage – In the attic or garage, assign one of these great bins to each kid in the home, as a place where you can keep their most precious art work and school work over the years.  It packs up easily when you are ready to pass it along to them someday!