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Must Have Car Accessories : Organizers

Tired of having a messy car full of odds and ends? By adding car accessories like a car organizer in the trunk or on the back of a car seat you can help get things in order.


Puff N' Stuff Combination Car Litter Bag and Tissue Dispenser


When on a long car trip it’s easy for trash to start piling up in the car. Keep trash contained while on the go with the Puff N’ Stuff Combination Car Litter Bag and Tissue Dispenser. Fastening over the back of a car seat, this car accessory makes it easy to add a trash container to the car. The top of this container makes it easy to stash trash and then keeps it contained. A built in compartment for a tissue box and two drinks offer storage as well.


Car Entertainment Organizer


For anyone who likes to keep the backseat entertained with music and videos while on a long car trip, the Car Entertainment Organizer is a must have. With individual compartments specially designed for storing CDs and DVDs, this organizer makes it easy for the backseat to access their favorite movies and music. The top also includes a built in compartment for tissues.


Cargo Net by Talus


If you have a trunk full of sports equipment rolling around, the Cargo Net by Talus helps keep everything contained with a clever mesh design. This oversized cargo net is great for storing awkward items like basketballs or baseball nets. Simply attach this net to the headrests of the backseat.


Trunk Organizer with Cooler by Picnic at Ascot


From groceries to tools, the Trunk Organizer with cooler is a great choice for keeping things sorted. The middle compartment features a cooler, perfect for keeping frozen items cool on the way home from the grocery store or for keeping drinks cold on the way to a picnic. Use the other open compartments for keeping grocery bags upright or storing a first aid kit.

Whatever you have rolling around in your car, there’s a car organizer that can turn the interior of your car into a well oiled machine.

Dream Bike Rides

Wheel Caddy - Bike Box

Dream of traveling with your bike to explore far off places?  Check out these not to be missed dream bike rides throughout the world and start makes plans for your own once in a lifetime trip today.

Is it hard to tell which you enjoy more, a nice glass of a wine or a long bike ride? Then a trip to California’s wine country is a must. Spend the day biking through beautiful vineyards and the nights exploring the many wineries of the Napa valley. There’s no better way to finish off a day of riding then with a glass of wine.

Looking for a more urban biking experience? Amsterdam is well known for it’s bike friendly streets, making it the ideal city to tour by bike. With so many avid bikers, it’s easy to rent a bike here, so you don’t have to worry about packing up your own. Use your rented wheels to see the city’s many canals and museums.

April is the time to bike Kyoto, Japan. Why is that? Because that’s when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, making it a lovely time to take a long bike ride and take in all the beauty.

If you’re looking for a South American getaway then the Inca Trail in Peru, with a long downhill trek, adds an adventuous element to viewing the ancient site. At over 36 miles, this trail through the forest is sure to be memorable one.

Conquer the ultimate trek with a trip to ride one of the legendary courses of the Tour de France. Climbing through mountains and with courses leading you through France and adjoining countries this bike trip is a great way to see the countryside. Whether you choose to tackle a few miles or an entire course, you’re sure to appreciate all the beauty as well as all of the challenges the tour has to offer.

What could be better than combining travel and your favorite hobby?

Bike Tool Storage

Keeping an organized workshop requires having the right kind of tool storage, for everything from nails to hammers. Having tools organized makes it easy to get right to work, so you don’t have to waste time searching for the tool you need. Whether you need lots of tool storage or only a little, here are some great tool organizers for creating an easy to use workspace.

Craft and Tool Organizer Chest - 16 Drawer

Small bits and pieces can be the most difficult to keep organized. By adding the Craft and Tool Organizer Chest to your work table you can keep everything in it’s place. Clear compartments make it easy to see the contents of each drawer. This way you don’t have a bunch of loose items rattling around in your drawer.

Portable Tool Chest - 2 Drawer


For classic tool storage add the Portable Tool Chest – 2 Drawer to your workshop. Slide out drawers and a lift top provide plenty of easy to access tool organizational space. This portable toolbox can be moved around the garage, so tools are always within reach.

 20 Inch Cantilever Metal Toolbox by Excel InternationalThe 20 Inch Cantilever Metal Toolbox also has an easy to carry design that folds out for easy access to the interior shelves. The long handle also makes this toolbox easy to carry, perfect for carrying tools on the go.


For endless tool storage nothing beats an entire wall of storage. A pegboard like the 84 Piece Pegboard System offers easy to customize tool storage where you need it most. You can choose to hang this pegboard over your workbench or cover every wall for an extensive tool collection. Use a set of special hooks, like the 64 Piece Pegboard Hook Kit to create the kind of storage you need most.

Add any one of these tool storage solutions to your garage individually or a combination of them to create the perfect workshop storage.

Workshop Lighting

Lite Source Bellini Strip Light - LS-19692SILV

You spend lots of time working on projects, why not make a project of adding some lighting to your workshop so you can work night or day? Whether you have an entire garage to devote to working on your bike or a small workshop, having the right lighting is important when it comes to not straining your eyes.

Spend most of your time at a workbench? Then think about adding task lighting that makes it easy to see small details, like the Reach 7.2-Watt LED Desk Lamp by Adesso. With a streamlined design, this light takes up minimal tabletop space, while offering plenty of light when it’s needed. This versatile lamp can also be used as a reading light.

While task lighting at a workbench is key, it’s also important to light the rest of your workspace to prevent eyes from getting tired. For lighting on a larger scale try lighting designed for the garage. The Lite Source Bellini Strip Light brings sleek lighting to any workspace. Designed for industrial spaces, this ceiling light if sure to fill any garage with the lighting you need. You can use one for a smaller space or multiple lights to brighten up a larger space.

Portable lights also come in handy when working on a project. Great for working in tight spaces, like under a car or the sink, a small light makes it easier to work just about anywhere. A book light, like the Twist-a-Lite Flexible Reading Light can easily double as compact task lighting. This bending book light can be attached just about anywhere for hands free lighting almost anywhere.

Having the right lighting for the project you’re working on or your workshop makes any project that much simpler, so you can focus on your work and not struggle with your lighting.

Making the Garage Eco Friendly : Recycling Bins

Making your home more eco friendly is just a matter of getting things sorted. By adding recycling bins to your home you can make it easy to make sure paper, plastic and aluminum end up recycled, rather than in a landfill.

SimpleHuman Upright Grocery Bag Holder - KT1013


Find yourself at a loss as to what to do with all those plastic grocery bags? Use the SimpleHuman Upright Grocery Bag Holder – KT1013 to stow plastic bags when you get home from the grocery store and then use them to line trash cans everywhere from the bathroom to the office. With a compact design this bag holder can be stored under the sink or in the pantry.

Middleman by Harleman Products

For occasional recycling storage the Middleman Hamper by Harleman Products has a folding design that allows this recycling bin to be easily stored when not in use. If you need to presort your recycling then you can buy a bin for each type.

Recycling Bin Container - 3 Compartment


For classic and convenient recycling storage the Recycling Bin Container – 3 Compartment fits the bill. These stacking bins come in different colors so you can identify the right bin and have built in flaps for helping to keep everything contained. Place these bins with your other trash containers or in the garage for easy access.

15" Triple Slot RT Recycler by Witt Industries


For kitchen recycling the 15″ Triple Slot RT Recycler by Witt Industries has a compact design that sorts all your recycling in one convenient location. Individual, labeled slots make clear what goes where.

16 Gallon Dual Compartment Touchless Recycle Bin - by Itouchless - IT16RES


For a high tech touch to the kitchen the 16 Gallon Dual Compartment Touchless Recycle Bin – by Itouchless has a touch free design and a stainless steel exterior that looks right at home in any modern kitchen. With ample space for two kinds of recycling and set on casters so it can be moved wherever it is needed most, this trash bin makes a great choice.

Workshop Must Haves

Whether it’s the lighting or the tool storage, creating a workshop that makes it easy to work on your bike, and doesn’t feel like work to deal with is important. Identifying the problem areas in your workspace is a good way to make working on your bike or doing a little work around the house that much easier.

Wireless LED Puck Light by Lancer & Loader


Think adding lighting to your workshop is a project in itself? Think again, the Wireless LED Puck Light by Lancer & Loader adds lighting where it’s needed most. Wireless design allows this light to go just about anywhere since it doesn’t have to be plugged in.

Compact Adjustable Utility Cart by Luxor


Even if you don’t have room for a tool bench, you can still have one place to store everything. Set on wheels the Compact Adjustable Utility Cart by Luxor adds mobility to your tool set, so you can move all your tools within reach of your next project. When you’re done, you don’t have to worry about putting everything away, simply roll this cart back in your workshop or the closet.

Large Shelf with RackIf you’re looking for more permanent storage the Large Shelf with Rack provides open storage in a compact design. This wall mounted shelf is a quick and easy way to add storage without taking up any space, making it a great addition to a small garage or workshop.

Hardwood Backed Magnetic Tool & Cutlery Bar by Better HousewaresOnly looking to add a small amount of open storage for your most commonly used tools? Then use a magnetic bar for screwdrivers or small wrenches.

Tool Hanger KitIf you like the easy access of a magnetic tool bar, but want to store larger items than the Tool Hanger Kit is for you. A variety of hooks provide storage for any and all your larger, hand held tools.

By adding the right storage you can create an easy to use, clutter free workspace that makes any project a snap.

Bike Maintenance Basics

If you’re just getting into biking, keeping up your bike, with all the various parts and different tools can seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips for keeping your bike in good shape.

Of all the upkeep you’re going to have to do on your bike, it’s your tires that you’ll probably work on most. All tires lose air, so having a tire pump is a must. Thinner tires probably need air daily, while thicker tires only need to be filled up about once a week.

When going out for a ride it’s important to be prepared for whatever types of accidents or repairs you might need to do. Going on a long ride? Then you should carry with you whatever key tools you might need to make a repair since you might find yourself far away from help. Usually find yourself riding in the city? City streets are more likely to have broken pieces of glass on them, so think about bringing along what you need to patch a tire.

Keeping your bike clean is another way to ensure it stays in top shape. While you don’t need to clean it after every ride, a wipe down with a dry cloth once a month is a good way to keep your bike looking good as well as riding well.

Giving your bike a through tune up once or twice a year is a good idea for anyone who bikes regularly. You can either check out your bike yourself or bring it in to your local bike shop, either way regular maintenance is the best way to prevent any serious issues with your bike that could lead to accidents.

When learning how to tune up or fix your bike the most important rule is to stick to what you know. Never try to fix something on your bike unless you’re sure what you’re doing, if you ever need help there’s always your local bike shop to help you get your bike back in top shop.

The Ultimate Workbench

Heavy Duty Workbench with Single-Drawer by Edsal

When you have the space to work on your bike but not the tools it’s time to invest in all the storage you need for creating the ultimate workbench. From tire pumps to bike stands, there are all sorts of tools and accessories to collect for working on your bike. Having what you need to keep all that organized is the best way to keep your bike in its best possible shape.

If you don’t already have a workbench then the Heavy Duty Workbench with Single-Drawer is a great choice. Having a countertop to work on is a must when repairing tires or spokes, and this workbench also has lots of built in storage. Use the lower shelf for storing large items like a bike stand, while you can use the built in drawer for smaller items and the pegboard backing for hanging tools.

Already have a workbench but still need extra storage? There are all sorts of organizers that make it easy to add the storage you need. The Heavy Duty Utility Rack adds easy to access storage without taking up any additional room. For classic tool storage add the 20 Inch Cantilever Metal Toolbox to your workbench for portable tool storage with lots of individual compartments for keeping things organized. For multifunctional storage the Zerust Stand ‘n Store Step Stool with Lift provides seating, perfect while working on your bike, as well as storage inside.

Looking for more portable seating that makes it easy to move around your workshop? The Scooter Seat has a durable design ideal for the garage that is set on casters that allow you to move from your bike to your tool storage.

Whether you have an entire workshop dedicated to your bikes, or a corner of the garage you use for tune ups, it’s easy to find the tools you need.

Bike Ride Accessories

When it comes to the perfect bike ride, sometimes it only takes one key accessory to make it a great ride. Whether you like to bike to your favorite picnic spot or commute to class, there are ideal accessories that help make it the perfect ride.

When commuting not just any backpack will do, it’s important to have a heavy duty bag that can stand up to your daily ride as well as the weather. The Dozer Backpack has an especially designed exterior that is water resistant, so it helps keep contents dry even in nasty weather. Interior organizers with built in padding for your laptop also keep things safely contained. Exterior straps can be used to cinch down the backpack so everything stays in place.

For your next picnic use the Tremont Four Person Picnic Set to serve the perfect lunch or dinner. Unlike most picnic sets, this one comes in a backpack that can be carried while riding. With everything stored in an easy to wear backpack, this set has everything needed, from a blanket to utensils. Individual holders keep everything in place while on the go. Just fill this backpack up with your favorite treats and head to your favorite picnic spot.

Weather Station Keychain

Wherever you’re going it’s always good to know what the weather is going to be like. The Weather Station Keychain has a compact, easy to carry design that makes it a snap to carry. Simply hook this keychain onto your bag and you’ll always know what kind of weather to prepare for. Other added features like a clock and built in flashlight are also sure to come in handy.

With the right accessories you can ensure you’ll always have a great bike ride, no matter what you decide to do.