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Bicycle Accessory Storage: Important but Overlooked

We often discuss ways to store and transport your bicycles here on the Bike Racks Blog. However there one subject that does not come into discussion very often. That subject is the different oBicycle Accessory Storageptions that exist for bicycle accessory storage.

Those of us that are serious about bicycling often have an enormous collection of gadgets and gizmos for our ride. Unless you live in a bicycle emporium, that means you are going to have to invest in some serious bicycle accessory storage options.

Luckily for you fellow rider, there is a vast array of accessories that will help you store your accessories!

First off, there is bicycle accessory storage for the home. Items such as the Double Vertical Wall Mounted Rack provide excellent storage for a range of accessories. Not only does it offer a shelf for your helmet and a top shelf for your cycling shoes, it also provides wall-mounted bicycle storage. This rack is perfect as a bicycle accessory storage center in your closet or garage!

Now that you have your bicycle accessory storage all squared away at home, you can start thinking about storage in the car.

Anther Bicycle Accessory Storage OptionBicycle Accessory Storage

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to bicycle right to our riding path. Most people need to place the bikes on a car rack and drive out to their destination. With that in mind, it is important to have all of your accessories in one spot when you arrive. That way you can maximize the time you spend riding and minimize the time you spend preparing for the ride.

The Bike Organizer Rail is perfect for ensuring your bike accessories are ready for the ride! This bike rack is also wall mounted, and includes storage accessories like a hook for storing your helmet orgloves, plus an equipment holder that is great for your pump or other items, and a storage bag!

My favorite thing about this bicycle accessory storage rack is that it includes a storage bag. You can pack the bag with your necessary accessories and be ready for your ride. The bag is small enough that it is easy to carry to and from the car.

Now that you have bicycle accessory storage taken care of, you do not have to worry about forgetting that all-important item for your ride. Nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have a patch for your tire, or your pump was left at home.

Bike Shipping Boxes for your Cross Country Move

One huge task I have had to do a couple times in my life was move from one side of the country to the other. From California to Massachusetts and back, making that long-distance move is quite a strain. When my wife and I moved back to California a few years ago, we drove back. However with a couple of bikes, we ran into an issue about how to get these expensive foot-powered vehicles back to California. The answer to this dilemma was bike shipping boxesBike Shipping Boxes.

While it is cheaper to just drive back with the bikes, they have an awkward shape that makes it extremely difficult to pack around.  We were already moving our entire lives from one side of the country to the other, so we wanted to save our car space for other items. To get our bicycles back out to the West Coast, we simply used bike shipping boxes to mail them back.

Bike Shipping Boxes Bring a lot to the Table

Bike shipping boxes are not just regular old cardboard boxes. They are made from a thicker material and include a hook and loop feature. They keep your bikes safe from damage while being shipped, and have a relatively light weight at 22 pounds that will save you on shipping charges. We got our bike shipping boxes from DBA CrateWorks.

Another great feature of bike shipping boxes is that they can be folded down flat when they are not in use. This is vital for saving space in our tightly packed apartment. When you have a small apartment you don’t have a lot of storage space for more storage!

Shipping both of our bicycles in bike shipping boxes was one of the best decisions we made when we prepared to move back to the Golden State. I would highly recommend these sturdy and protective boxes for any die-hard cyclist making a long distance move.


Hanging Bicycle Storage: Ideal For Apartments

It would make sense that most dedicated cyclists would prefer to live in a place that is bike-friendly. While there are many great examples of newer cities that have taken steps to increase their bicycle amenities, it seems that older, more urban cities lead the pack. Older cities often consist of very compact housing stock. This makes bicycle storage a big of an issue. In my experience the best way for an urban cyclist to get around this cramped space is hanging bicycle storage.

Many people in densely populated cities simply cannot afford the parking and maintenance of a car. This was often the case for me and my friends while I lived in Boston. Luckily the city was so small, a bicycle more than made up for the lack of auto transport. Since we could not even afford cars, you can imagine our apartments were miniscule. Hanging bicycle storage was the way to go, as you could install a wall-mounted bike rack Hanging Bicycle Storagein the living room with no problem.

The weather in Boston can be particularly nasty and unpredictable. This is a terrible combination for outdoor bicycle storage. One minute it could be a blue, sunny day (though terribly humid) and the next minute there are lightning bolts all around you and you are getting drenched in a downpour. So naturally many of my friends avoided storing their bicycles outside their buildings or homes. Hanging storage was just the best way to keep the bikes from getting weather-damage.

Hanging Bicycle Storage: A True Tale

My friend’s husband not only used bicycles for transportation, but was a certified bicycling fanatic. Every weekend he would go on rides, sometimes for the entire day. He had about 4 bicycles stored inside their one-bedroom, fourth-floor walk-up apartment. As you can imagine, the only way to keep all of those bikes in order was hanging bicycle storage.

He used two Wall Mounted Bicycle Racks to store his bicycles and all of the additional accessories he needed. Hanging bicycle storage really came to the rescue in that situation. Did I mention these people had a 75 pound black lab in addition to all of these bikes! Talk about a cramped one-bedroom.

Hanging a bike on the wall is much better than leaving it on the floor in your apartment, for a variety of reasons. First of all – small and old apartments get cluttered incredibly quickly. Nothing is worse than coming home to a cluttered living room, especially with a big old bike blocking your path!

Neatly hanging in the corner of the living room is a much better location. Those which are fortunate enough to have a large closet will find that area to be an even better place to locate hanging bicycle storage.

Hanging Bicycle Storage is perfect for new homes too!

For those that don’t live in an older building and have all the space in the world – well I suppose this post was meaningless to you. But it’s not! Hanging bicycle storage can come in handy for those with garages and large walk in closets. It’s like the best of both worlds!