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Cargo Storage Bicycles Eliminate the Need for a Car

One of the most difficult aspects of being a cyclist is the difficulty transporting items. In fact, the ability to load cargo is one of the main reasons most people prefer the car over bicycles. If that could be changed, perhaps more people would be open to dumping their car. Maybe more people would at least consider commuting on their bike and leaving the car at home. Cargo storage bicycles are a unique new trend that I have seen become more and more popular over the last year or so.

There are a few different types of cargo storage bicycles

First off, there is the cargo bike. These types of bicycles have large cargo areas attached to the front or back. Typically these cargo bikes are quite a bit larger and heavier than regular bicycles, so they are probably better for experienced riders. Cargo can be strapped down to the large cargo area.

For those that are less experienced riders or would like a more secure place to store their cargo, there are cargo storage bicycles. Another easy way to add some storage to your bicycle is to attach a rear storage trailer. This bicycle cargo storage does not add any weight or bulk to your bicycle itself, making it easier to maneuver.

These rear cargo trailers are also available in a design that allows you to pull your children behind you! This makes it easy to transport the kids to and from practices, school and more without the use of a motor vehicle.

Just a few years ago, the thought of picking up the kids at school and running to the grocery store afterward was considered a strictly car-centric activity. But now with new technology, it is a breeze to do tasks like these and more with just two wheels!

In fact, I have read articles about how there is a bicycle-based moving company in Portland Oregon. Basically they employ very-experienced riders who use very large cargo bicycles to transport everything from your television set to the sofa using just bicycles!

Cargo Storage Bicycles

Just like regular bicycles, it is a great idea to have some sort of bicycle storage rack at home. A rack like the Indoor / Outdoor Poly Lumber Rack is a perfect choice!

Bike Parking Storage For Everyday Trips

One thing that I find very encouraging is that cities are starting to offer bike parking storage in many locations. Both private and public areas have seen a huge increase in the number of spots available to park your bike. It may not be something that people who drive think about very often – ironic because one of the biggest auto-driver complaints is a lack of parking.

But think about it – you get to your destination after a nice comfortable bike ride. Nothing sounds better than a nice soda from the convenience store, but there is nowhere to put your bike! You really need a good place to lock the bike up so that it doesn’t get stolen. Bikes are a lot easier to “park” in non-designated locations like sign posts and trees, but a true parking spot makes things so much easier.

Bike Parking Storage

Another area I have seen bike parking storage increase in is along transit stops. This is great because many people need to use their bike to ride to a stop, but once they get to the destination perhaps they would rather just walk around. Instead of being stuck with their bike as they walk around a neighborhood, they can just lock them up and forget about them!

Some places take bike parking storage to the next level, offering bike lockers. This gives the cyclist one hundred percent piece of mind, because the bicycle is completely locked away behind walls. They are very secure and provide the best storage possible. They are also great for places with inclement weather, preventing your bike from getting rained or snowed on (or keeping them out of the beating sun).

No matter what the mode of bike parking storage, it is certainly a good sign. It means that there is more demand for bicycle facilities in our cities, meaning people are riding more and more. When more people ride and demand new facilities, you see a critical mass of new riders which creates a cycle of improvement! The future looks great for bicycling and bike parking storage!

Bike Parking Storage is Great for When You Are Out; At Home Use a Bike Rack

For the home, be sure to have a great bike rack like the Hoist Monster.

Bike Sharing Programs Change Bike Storage Forever

If you are a regular reader of the Bike Racks Blog, you are probably pretty into cycling. I mean, I go in-depth on the most banal of all bicycling topics – how to efficiently and safely store your two-wheel chariot. If you are a die-hard cyclist, you will know that many cities are starting to implement bike sharing programs.

Bike Sharing Programs

Many cities have these bike sharing programs, including Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and New York City, and there are many more on the way. The way these programs work is quite simple. You pay a membership fee which gives you access to the bicycles for a set amount of time (usually about a half hour).

The bikes can be found at kiosks strategically placed around the city, typically in high-traffic areas. What is great about the bike sharing programs is that you can usually drop the bike off at any kiosk. In other words, you do not need make your trip be round-trip, you can simply go from point A to point B with no additional fee.

This is a great resource for those that live in these cities, particularly those that do not have enough space in their apartment to store a bicycle. Even though we have gone through a wide variety of ways to keep your bicycle stored in an organized fashion, some apartments are just too small.

Another group of people this really benefits is tourists. Instead of having to rent a car or take a taxi from place to place, you can enjoy the great cityscape as you ride along to your destination. Not only does this save money for your trip, but it also provides an excellent way to see the city. I don’t know about you, but the best experiences I have had in our nation’s cities have definitely not been from the back seat of a car.

Bike sharing programs eliminate the age-old issue of bicycle rack storage

I am eagerly awaiting the expansion of other bike share systems to other cities throughout the United States. Once it comes to Los Angeles, I can give up more than just my personal automobile, I can give up my personal bicycle! No more worrying about bicycle storage like the gravity bike rack!

Bike Repair Storage: Not an Afterthought

Most of the time on this blog we discuss the best ways to store our bikes. Bike repair storage is an important topic that we rarely discuss. Bike repair accessories like air pumps, chain grease, tool kits and patches are some of the most important pieces of the bicycling puzzle. Having them in a neat and organized location is vital to having a bike that operates at its maximum potential.

I know plenty of riders that are totally obsessive about fixing up their bikes. The organizational habits of these folks ranges quite a bit. You have some that are nearly Obsessive-Compulsive, and others that have garages that look like a bomb went off. Despite these organizational differences, all of my friends are pretty adroit with the wrench and grease.

As I mentioned, one friend is particularly sloppy. But, it is incredible to watch this disorganized guy work on his bicycle. Despite tools being strewn about and bike repair storage a distant afterthought, he operates like a surgeon. He knows exactly where every tool is and spends little time searching the cluttered room. As I watch him, I think to myself, “If he is this skilled without bicycle accessory storage, think of his prowess when he adopts my techniques!”

I make some bike repair storage suggestions to my friend

So I made a few suggestions to my friend about how to improve the organization of his garage. Surprisingly, he took it to heart. First, I suggested he look into the Bike Organizer Rail. This product is built specifically for bicycle accessory storage. It includes a variety of features for storage, plus two racks for bike storage!

Next, I recommended he look into garage drawers to store his loose tools. He had an impressive tool collection, so I suggested the 26” Tool Storage Chest. This chest has six drawers and a locking cabinet for organized and secure tool storage.

Bike Repair StorageBike Repair Storage

Take these storage tips to heart when you are organizing your garage or bicycle storage area. While it may seem like an afterthought, bike repair storage is a necessity