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Bicycle Storage Rack for the Thrifty 20-Something

With gas prices spiking and car insurance at a premium, it is getting more expensive to own a car by the day. This has quite an impact on the car ownership rates of younger people. Throw in a recession that has made finding employment a difficult task, and you have ripe conditions for a bicycling renaissance. The days of having a part time job while in college to pay for your car and gas have gone the way of the rotary telephone and mobile pagers. If you have instead resorted to man-powered transportation, it is important to have a bicycle storage rack that fits your needs.

Luckily for most young people, many cities and towns are doing the best they can to increase bicycle infrastructure. More bike lanes and bike paths make it easy for anyone to safely ride between destinations. Additionally, cities are spending more money on public transit improvements, which is a great combination with a bicycle for long-distance travel. These days not owning a car does not necessarily mean decreased mobility. Of course, it does mean that you will need to get an appropriate bicycle storage rack for your apartment or dorm room.

A bicycle storage rack that works for your apartment

Because we are discussing your broke lifestyle, I am going to assume most young people are either renting or living in dorms. Very few 20-somethings are able to afford a down payment and monthly mortgage payments in this economy. So permanently-mounted bicycle racks are probably not the best choice for your home. Instead, look for bike racks that can be used in the home without the need for drilling or screwing into the wall.

Actually, no need to look, because I have the perfect bicycle storage rack for your dorm or apartment right here! The Tension-Mounted Bicycle Rack is the perfect choice. This bicycle storage rack uses a unique tension system that allows it to squeeze between your ceiling and floor. The bicycles are easily mounted to the rod. The rack is able to hold up to two bicycles, so it is perfect for you and your roommate (because we all have roommates at this point, right?).

Bicycle Storage Rack

Apartment Bicycle Storage for your New Home

Moving into a new apartment for the first time is a very exciting prospect for young people. You finally have a space you can call your own. The pride in maintaining your own home is a great feeling for young people. However, it seems these days apartments are getting smaller, and come with less storage space than ever before. Combine this with the resurgence in popularity of cycling, and you have a bicycle storage crisis! Here are a couple of racks that make for ideal apartment bicycle storage.

You don’t want a bike rack that is too large, because then it eats up too much space in the apartment. Instead, look for a bike rack that takes advantage of the hidden storage opportunities around your home. The Bike Away Hoist is perfect for this task, providing some very space-efficient storage for up to 80 pounds, which is typically the weight of two bicycles. What is great about this bicycle rack is that it stores the bicycles parallel to the wall, which makes this space-efficient apartment bicycle storage.

Apartment Bicycle Storage

For those that have a little bit more room but need to store more bicycles, there are other options. These may not be as space-efficient as the Bike Away Hoist, but they do provide durable and ample storage for bicycles. For folks that find themselves in this situation, I would recommend the Free Standing 4 Bike Rack for your apartment bicycle storage needs.

Apartment Bicycle Storage

What is great about this bicycle rack is that it is freestanding, so you do not need to worry about all the work that goes into mounting a bicycle rack. Instead of ruining your wall or spending all afternoon searching for studs to mount the rack to the wall, you can simply set this rack up and let the storage begin!

These two racks make for excellent apartment bicycle storage! With durable designs and space saving qualities, the bike racks are a must-have for anyone in a smaller dwelling!

Bicycle Travel Destinations for the Summer

Last week we discussed some tips for traveling with a bike rack. I discussed the importance of using a roof rack instead of a bumper-mounted rack. We also talked about the necessity of a locking bike rack. That prevents your bicycle from getting “lifted” while you are relieving yourself in a gas station bathroom. This week I’d like to talk about some bicycle travel destinations. With these suggestions you will have somewhere to take that bike rack!

It is pretty well known which locations in the United States are the best for bicyclists. Minneapolis, Portland, Boulder, and New York City always lead the pack when it comes to bicycle amenities.  However, the question I have to ask is this: “Which of these cities are actually worth a visit?” It is one thing to be a bicycle-friendly city, but it is another thing to be a bicycle travel destination.

Obviously, New York City is a bicycle travel destination. It’s a cab travel destination. It’s a subway travel destination. It’s a walking travel destination. It is basically the premier travel destination for the United States. It makes the trip a whole lot more fun when you can see the most of the city without setting foot in a single motorized vehicle. As the largest US city, it provides an unmatched urban experience. Not only that, it is fun to cycle around in!

Portland has become a bit of a cliche at this point. It has represents all that is “green” and “hipster” about the United States. However, it is a really fun city to visit and has some amazing opportunities to ride. The leafy, quasi-suburban neighborhoods east of downtown Portland offer some very comfortable riding. Be sure to check out the incredible bungalow architecture of neighborhoods such as Sunnyside and Hawthorne.

For those looking for a completely unique experience, let me recommend Greendale, CO. This little-known hamlet outside of Denver is an amazing place to ride your bicycle. Home of the Human Beings, you are sure to fit in with this uber-accepting community. Those in need of small repairs can take a stroll over the Greendale Community College Bike Co-op, one of the most prestigious bicycle organizations in the area.

With these bicycle travel destinations, hopefully you are ready to hop on your bicycle and get riding across America! And don’t forget the bike rack, such as this Advantage SportsRack!

bicycle travel destinations

You can leave the car at home for these bicycle travel destinations!

Bicycle Travel Storage Tips for Your Road Trip

My favorite season for road trips is the summer. Of course, when I take a road trip I definitely need to bring my bicycle. That way, when I get to each city or park that I am visiting, I can dump the car and adventure on bike. In my opinion one two wheels is the best way to see any locations, urban or forest. However, before you strap that bike onto the car and hit the road, read through some bicycle travel storage tips so you and your bicycle have a safe and fun trip!

Bicycle Travel Storage

Our animal friends love a good bicycle road trip!

Use these Bicycle Travel Storage Ideas and Keep the Bike In Tip Top Shape

One very important bicycle travel suggestion is to use a roof-mounted bicycle rack when possible. While it is definitely easier to get a bike onto a hitch mounted rack, there are some downsides. As my brother-in-law puts it, using a trailer hitch rack basically turns your bicycle into a $5000 dollar bumper. It’s already a bummer to get into a fender bender – don’t let it turn into a disaster with your bicycle getting crumpled between two cars.

Another great bicycle travel storage idea is to make sure you have a locking bike rack. There is nothing worse than running into Burger King for a Whopper, only to come back and find your bicycle has been ripped off. Maybe you have or have not seen Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, but law enforcement just does not take bicycle take bicycle theft all that seriously. Once your bicycle is gone, there is little chance you will ever see it again. This Car Bike Rack is a great choice for your trip (though it is admittedly a rear-mounted rack).

With these helpful tips in mind, you are free to travel the world! Use your car to get from city to city, and once you arrive use your bicycle to get the in-depth details of every locale! Next week I’ll discuss some of my favorite bicycle travel destinations in the United States!