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Inexpensive Bicycle Storage for a Holiday Surprise!

So you got a brand new bicycle for Christmas this year. And while it was a bit unexpected, you probably should have seen it coming considering you incessantly complain about the traffic you have to sit through on the way to work. Now you’ve got no excuse. The only problem is you have nowhere to put the thing, so you are scrambling for some inexpensive bicycle storage.

Inexpensive Bicycle StorageYou don’t have a ton of cash on you to blow on some state of the art bicycle rack that holds tools and hikes your bicycle up to the ceiling or rafters or something. In fact, you are basically looking for the most inexpensive bicycle storage to keep your ride off the ground. And the only reason you care about this that you want to get your security deposit back at the end of the lease and a loose bicycle can wreak havoc on an apartment.

And you really don’t need one of those crazy bike racks that can hold 4 or more bicycles at a time. That is just overkill. There are very few inexpensive bicycle storage options that hold more than 2 bike racks, and those that do are probably not worth their low price. They are most likely cheap imitations.

Inexpensive Bicycle Storage Is Not Hard To Find

However, if you are looking for inexpensive bicycle storage for two bicycles, then look no further than the Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack. This bike rack is perfect for the low-budget apartment dweller because it costs under 100 dollars, is very compact and does not need to be installed to the wall.

 That’s right, this inexpensive bicycle storage option works with just the use of good old-fashioned, totally-free gravity. No need to even get screws and a screwdriver to install this bad-boy!

While at first it seemed like the gift of a bicycle was a gift with a costly chore attached, in fact it is quite simple to find inexpensive bicycle storage for your home!

Bike Rack Gift for that Cyclist in Your Life

Are you looking for a low-cost gift for that avid cyclist in your life? Well I have the perfect gift that allows them to store their bicycle with ease in any setting. This bike rack gift is an amazing choice, especially if your gift recipient lives in a small house, condo or apartment where space is at a premium.

Most of the cyclists I know have such a hard time finding a place to store their bicycle. Lots of apartments do not have any dedicated space to store your bikes. Others do but they are not very secure and the risk of losing a wheel or a handlebar set is just too great to take that risk. Even more bike storage areas are unprotected and in inclement weather, cyclists risk their bikes rusting and face safety issues while riding.

So the best way for your friend to store their bicycle is indoors. That is where the 2 Bike Gravity Bike Rack comes into place. This bike rack is designed to be used indoors and can store two bicycles at a time. This rack is really compact so it is perfect for using in a small space. Another reason this is great for people that live in apartments (typically renters) is that it requires no affixing to the wall. This is important because they want to get the security deposit back at the end of their lease!

Bike Rack Gift

But this rack is not just great for them – because it costs fewer than 100 dollars, it is a great bike rack gift for you too! You won’t break the bank finding the perfect bike rack gift because here it is, for the low cost of $99!

With this bike rack gift, you will certainly make that bike-storage starved friend in your life a very jolly person!

Outdoor Bicycle Cover for Wet & Wild Winter Months

Keeping your bicycle in peak condition is a very important aspect of being a dedicated rider. While I have a great indoor location to store my bicycle, some of us are not so lucky to have a big space to store their vehicle.  Perhaps you live in a small apartment but have a balcony space. There is no space inside to store your bicycle, but there is plenty of room to keep it outdoors. However an outdoor bicycle cover is a must-have if you keep your bike stored outside.

Even if your balcony has a nice overhang above it which keeps the rain and snow off of your bicycle, you should look into an outdoor bicycle cover. This is because these overhangs often do not keep all of the moisture off of your bicycle, and this often leads to rusting and damage to your bike. Instead, use something such as the Esterna Bicycle Cover to keep your bicycle looking excellent even when it is stored outdoors.

Outdoor Bicycle Cover

This bicycle cover is made from heavy duty material, making it the ideal outdoor bicycle cover. The thick material keeps rain, snow, sleet and other types of moisture off of your bicycle. When the frame of your bike gets wet and is not properly dried, it can lead to rusting which makes the bicycle look bad and can also be quite dangerous.

This cover is made from 600 Denier Polyester Canvas, which is an incredibly durable material that will not crack and fade from sunlight. With a PVC coating, this outdoor bicycle cover is highly water resistant, wicking the water away off of your bicycle.

This outdoor bicycle cover is not just a necessity in the winter with wet weather, but also the summer when the sun can cause equally devastating damage to your bicycle.

Simple Car Bike Rack for our Holiday Adventure

With the holidays comes the pressure to visit family, which can often be a long drive away. For those of you that are like me and cannot go a few days without needing to ride, holiday trips can be excruciating. Just a few days are bad enough, but this year my family is traveling across the state to visit our families for an entire week. I knew there was no way I could go that long without getting on a bike, so I looked into a  simple car bike rack to transport my ride to and from the family home.

Since I don’t need to transport my bicycles long-distances all that often, I did not want to spend big bucks on a car rack that I would only use a few times a year. Luckily there were a few great simple car bike rack solutions that I felt could get the job done efficiently and safely for my bicycles. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of time installing and uninstalling the rack on the back of my car. With this in mind I searched for an easy to install, inexpensive simple car bike rack for my trip.

After looking a few car racks that tipped the scales at over $200, I found the perfect choice for my travel dilemma. The Advantage Tiltaway 4 Bike Carrier fit my needs to a “T”. Here we had a simple car bike rack that was under $150, was not difficult to install and could be removed with ease. It also could be tilted back, making it a non-issue to get things out of the back of our SUV.

Simple Car Bike Rack

Another great thing about this car bike rack is that it is able to hold up to 4 bikes. That means not only could I bring my bicycle along on our trip, but the entire family could too!