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Car Mounted Bike Rack Lets You Get Away

The weather has finally started to show signs of improving! That means that maybe you will have a chance this month to get out and get some rides in. I know I have been pretty cooped up trying to cope with this winter vortex that has us all huddling indoors. Maybe you want to go on a trip and go on a destination ride – in that case be sure you have the proper car mounted bike rack to get your bicycle from point A to point B safely and securely.

One great choice for your next bicycling adventure is the Four Bike Car Bike Rack. This car mounted bike rack is a good choice for those of you that want to go on an adventure with the entire family or with a group of friends.

Car Mounted Bike Rack

What makes this car mounted bike rack so excellent is the durable construction that goes along with soft vinyl padding. That keeps the paint job on your car and your bicycles safe from scratching and other damage. The bike rack folds up nice and compact, which makes it really easy to store when not in use.

I am so happy that I can finally get out and go for a ride and really enjoy my surroundings. I tried to go on a few local rides during the worst of the winter storms, and let me tell you that those trips were a bit of a disaster. I was sliding around on the icy sidewalks, trying to avoid reckless drivers and eventually falling into an icy puddle. That put a terrible end to an already frustrating bicycle ride.

But now I am getting ready to drive out to the countryside and take in the beauty of the warm spring day. Hopefully there is enough time for the grass to have turned green and the lowers to have bloomed!