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Fall bike rides: prepare with a handlebar bag

Avid riders do not stop for rain and falling leaves. Fall is a great time to wind down a season of bicycling. This off season lends you the perfect opportunity to fine tune your entire process, but riding in the colder months usually means more preparation. Utilizing a handlebar bag on fall bike rides makes it so much easier to keep everything you need on hand.

When out on the trails or just your local residential streets during the colder months, it is important to keep a few things on you. Of course, you always want to make sure you have identification and a cell phone. You’ll probably also have your keys and a MP3 player. Once it gets colder, also try to keep a pair of gloves, fresh socks (in case you get wet!), hand warmers and an emergency blanket. It may seem like overload, but these supplies are easy to manage thanks to the Travel Pocket.

This bike handlebar bag is designed with two adjustable, clipping straps that fit over any style handlebars. A top handle makes it super easy to transport by hand as well. This multi-use bag is also great for strollers, wheelchairs and other devices. This bag unzips down the center to reveal two sides. Four zippered, clear compartments hold all of your bike ride necessities and then some.

Travel Pocket Features

  • Great for use as an overnight bag, emergency kit, and so much more.
  • Inside features four storage compartments with clear windows.
  • Transport to and from the car using top and end carrying handles.
  • Durable nylon construction is shock and weather resistant.
  • Buckle system allows you to attach the organizer inside the car.
  • Can attach to any handle bar measuring 1/4 to 4 inches in diameter.
  • Keep several pockets pre-packed for emergency situations.
  • Tubular shape makes it easy to store and transport.
  • Made in USA.

Bike storage solutions for the coming colder months

It is inevitable. The colder months are creeping in here in Michigan.

And while fall doesn’t officially begin for another ten days, the cool crisp wind of autumn is already blowing through my open bedroom window every night.

This colder weather is the beginning of lots of things, but what it mostly means to us here on the Bike Rack Blog is — you guessed it — winter storage. We have lots of great options for storing your two-wheel transportation for the winter. Whether you’re looking to keep your family’s bikes accessible, or want them completely out of the way to make space for other items, we have you covered.

Here are just a few bike storage solutions:

Motorized bike storage system
Don’t break a sweat getting your bike up and down in the garage thanks to this awesome motorized lift. The flip of a switch hoists up to 125 pounds to the top of your garage ceiling. This lift not only makes it simple to store bikes without lifting much weight, it makes it super easy to keep your ride accessible for those year-long committed riders.

Hoist bike lift
This hoist lift works in a similar way to reduce the need to manually lift the weight of your bike. This storage piece is designed to store a single bike and hoist it up with the pull of a cord, similar to the way the blinds on your windows work. Pull the rope to lift and lock the bike in place and loosen the rope to lower it again. This storage piece is super safe and designed to cinch at the top so it will not fall if you let go.

Classic wall mount
If you want to go simple, consider a classic wall mount. This inexpensive and easy to install holder is perfect for any size garage. Clear up floor space so you can keep cars tucked in the garage all winter long by using this storage piece that is designed to hang one bicycle vertically. The top hook and rail holds the front tire in place while the bottom plate protects walls from the back tire.

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