Strongarmed by Lance: Bike Racks Blog has a famous fan!

Holy smokes! Guess who reads this site!! I bet you figured it out from the picture, ha-ha! Well you’re right, Lance Armstrong reads Bike Racks Blog! He sent an email yesterday, and I read it:

“Hey Larry, great site, great information. Keep up the good work. Target a dream. Best, Lance.”

Wow. Can you say blown away?! I’m honored and moved that Lance took the time to send that e-mail, and that he likes this site. I bet it’s because he knows that sometimes you just need as much bike rack knowledge as possible. And sometimes you need to get a bike racked as fast as possible, and not worry about glitter and nonsense. Sometimes I get carried away with all my excitement for the coolest and newest designs of bike racks, but sometimes these racks are expensive and require a lot of research to make sure you get the right one. It’s okay. I found a great rack for you, Lance, that’s prefect and simple and easy and fast!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends! Good luck!

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