March Bike Rack of the Month: Hoist Monster Ceiling Bike Storage

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

The classic idiom seems to ring true this year. From my spot in Michigan, winter was late this year, but Old Man Winter sure made up for the missed snow days late in the season. As March warms up and spring gets a little closer, it’s time to start thinking about hitting the trails again. Let’s take a look at the March Bike Rack of the Month:



The Hoist Monster Bike Storage Rack

There are a lot of bike ceiling hoists out there, so what makes this month’s features so special? The durability and simplicity of this model really stand out.

I love ceiling hoists because they keep your garage clutter free; floor space is free so you can actually — get this — park your car in the garage.

Unfortunately, sometimes these hoists can be tricky to master and can leave your ride out of reach. But not the Hoist Monster.

Crafted from durable steel with tough vinyl hooks, this light weight hoist is designed to lift one bicycle. The easy-to-use deign works just like mini blinds — simply pull the cord to lift or lower your bike. And that’s just part of the story! You see, this hoist includes a safety feature that cinches the cord if it slips out of your hands. No worries about bikes falling and causing accidents or injuries!

This hoist works with ceilings measuring up to 14 feet high and has a weight capacity of a whopping 45 pounds!

As a bonus, all hardware and detailed instructions are included, so you can rest assured that installation is quick and simple.

Check out what people are saying about the Hoist Monster:


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