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two-bike floor stand lifestyle shot

Bike Stand – 2 Bikes

two-bike floor stand lifestyle shot

Bike Stand – Keep Two Bikes Upright and Secure

Sturdy enough to hold two bikes, and handsome enough to store them in your apartment, this cleanly-designed floor stand keeps two bikes upright for secure storage. We’ve all had bikes topple and kickstands fail. And when the bike falls, it damages the wall, the floor and, at worst, the bike itself. Securing it with a stand is the smartest way to prevent mishaps.

The actual footprint of the stand is 23.5 W by 14.5 deep inches, taking up little space, while providing storage for two bikes. Bikes fit in holders without tools, hinges or fuss. The frame is made from lightweight, yet sturdy, tubular steel and rubber pads prevent the bike stand from sliding or scratching floors. Priced at only $39.99, this bike stand provides a lot of utility without breaking your bank.

two-bike floor stand - stand only

March Bike Rack of the Month: Hoist Monster Ceiling Bike Storage

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

The classic idiom seems to ring true this year. From my spot in Michigan, winter was late this year, but Old Man Winter sure made up for the missed snow days late in the season. As March warms up and spring gets a little closer, it’s time to start thinking about hitting the trails again. Let’s take a look at the March Bike Rack of the Month:



The Hoist Monster Bike Storage Rack

There are a lot of bike ceiling hoists out there, so what makes this month’s features so special? The durability and simplicity of this model really stand out.

I love ceiling hoists because they keep your garage clutter free; floor space is free so you can actually — get this — park your car in the garage.

Unfortunately, sometimes these hoists can be tricky to master and can leave your ride out of reach. But not the Hoist Monster.

Crafted from durable steel with tough vinyl hooks, this light weight hoist is designed to lift one bicycle. The easy-to-use deign works just like mini blinds — simply pull the cord to lift or lower your bike. And that’s just part of the story! You see, this hoist includes a safety feature that cinches the cord if it slips out of your hands. No worries about bikes falling and causing accidents or injuries!

This hoist works with ceilings measuring up to 14 feet high and has a weight capacity of a whopping 45 pounds!

As a bonus, all hardware and detailed instructions are included, so you can rest assured that installation is quick and simple.

Check out what people are saying about the Hoist Monster:


organize-it sidewalk sale

Bike storage solutions for the coming colder months

It is inevitable. The colder months are creeping in here in Michigan.

And while fall doesn’t officially begin for another ten days, the cool crisp wind of autumn is already blowing through my open bedroom window every night.

This colder weather is the beginning of lots of things, but what it mostly means to us here on the Bike Rack Blog is — you guessed it — winter storage. We have lots of great options for storing your two-wheel transportation for the winter. Whether you’re looking to keep your family’s bikes accessible, or want them completely out of the way to make space for other items, we have you covered.

Here are just a few bike storage solutions:

Motorized bike storage system
Don’t break a sweat getting your bike up and down in the garage thanks to this awesome motorized lift. The flip of a switch hoists up to 125 pounds to the top of your garage ceiling. This lift not only makes it simple to store bikes without lifting much weight, it makes it super easy to keep your ride accessible for those year-long committed riders.

Hoist bike lift
This hoist lift works in a similar way to reduce the need to manually lift the weight of your bike. This storage piece is designed to store a single bike and hoist it up with the pull of a cord, similar to the way the blinds on your windows work. Pull the rope to lift and lock the bike in place and loosen the rope to lower it again. This storage piece is super safe and designed to cinch at the top so it will not fall if you let go.

Classic wall mount
If you want to go simple, consider a classic wall mount. This inexpensive and easy to install holder is perfect for any size garage. Clear up floor space so you can keep cars tucked in the garage all winter long by using this storage piece that is designed to hang one bicycle vertically. The top hook and rail holds the front tire in place while the bottom plate protects walls from the back tire.

 Find these products and more like them at

Suspended Bicycle Rack Saves Space and Sanity

Are you looking for a simple way to store your bicycle? Perhaps it is a bicycle storage option that requires little effort and more importantly, requires very little cash? Well take a look at this unique suspended bicycle rack. It provides excellent storage for a single bicycle, keeping it up off of the floor so you do not have to waste valuable space storing your bike.

Now, you are probably wondering what I am talking about when I refer to a suspended bicycle rack. Did this bicycle rack throw a rock through the classroom’s window, and now has to spend a couple days at home (seriously what kind of punishment is giving a bad kid vacation?). No, this is not a “kicked out of school” bike rack, it is a suspended bike rack – meaning it “suspends” your bicycle from the ceiling.

There are quite a few good reasons to suspend your bicycle up from the ceiling when it is not in use. First of all, it saves space and allows you to use that area for something more productive. Secondly, with your bicycle up off of the ground there is very little chance that you run into the bike while doing something else, preventing you or your bike from being damaged in the process.

Now I know what you are thinking: “A suspended bicycle rack sounds expensive!” Well guess what? You are wrong. A suspended bicycle rack is actually one of the most inexpensive ways to store your bicycle. In fact, it costs just about as much to buy the Hoist Monster Bicycle Rack as it does to buy a super-sized Double Six Dollar Burger from Carl’s Jr!

Suspended Bicycle Rack

Like I said this suspended bicycle rack only costs around 15 dollars, which is an unbelievable deal! This hoist rack can hold one bicycle and judging by its high marks (5 stars on Stacks and Stacks), it does the job very well!

Black Friday Bicycling – Making it Tolerable

Some people really look forward to the holidays, and everyone has their own reason. Maybe you just love to drink eggnog. Or maybe your favorite meal is slightly-too-dry turkey. And maybe you are one of the good people in the world and you really just look forward to spending quality time with your family. There is one huge sub-section of American that looks forward to the holidays for one thing – Black Friday. Let me tell you why this Friday after Thanksgiving I will be Black Friday Bicycling.

You see, my sister loves to get up super early the morning and go hit up all the classic stores. You know, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sports –Mart – pretty much any place that has the word “Mart” in it is on her radar. And a long time ago I lost a bet, which we definitely don’t have time to go into right now, and I have been forced to go with her on her Black Friday shopping spree. I am 4 years into a 10 year sentence.

And every year it gets worse and worse. Stores open earlier, more people line up beforehand. There are more and more “Mart” stores every year! The only way for me to maintain my sanity is to go Black Friday Bicycling.

Instead of driving with my sister and listening to her gloat about her victory a little under 5 years ago, I will ride my bike from store to store. And knowing how ridiculous traffic gets on Black Friday around these parts, I fully expect to beat her to every store. Maybe this Black Friday Bicycling will show her how awesome riding is. Maybe she’ll even buy me something while she is out shopping – maybe something like the Pablo Two Bike Rack with Shelf. It would look great in my closet and maybe numb the sting of defeat just a little bit.

Black Friday Bicycling

Bike Rack Gift – There is Something For Everybody

I know it is only mid-November, but I think it couldn’t hurt to take a look at some great holiday gift ideas. There is nowhere that is safe from the Christmas creep, and that even includes us here at Bike Racks Blog. So we will take a look at   bike rack gift or two that will brighten the faces of all the little boys and girls that are special to you. And despite what you may believe, finding the perfect bike rack does not have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Believe it or not, there are quite a few amazing items that make for the perfect bike rack gift.  If that special rider in your life is clamoring for a new car mounted bike rack – we have the right choice. Or if that person is looking for something to store their bike in the off-season – I can help you out with that. There is a bike rack gift for every single kid.

The first bike rack gift is the Glideaway Advantage Sportsrack, which provides storage and organization for your bikes when you are on the road. This rack is a very durable and a great choice for any adventurous bike rider that really wants to get to those hard-to-reach locales. Of course, at over 200 dollars, this is not a rack for those with shallow pockets.

Bike Rack Gift

If you are looking for a more inexpensive bike rack gift option, simply look this way. The most inexpensive rack currently on the market this holiday season is the Hoist Monster Bicycle Rack. At fewer than 20 dollars, the value this bicycle rack provides is incredible. Not only does it have a very low price-point, it has garnered a perfect 5 star rating on Stacks and Stacks!

Bike Rack Gift

So whether you are looking for a bike rack gift expensive or inexpensive, big or small, know that there is something perfect out there for you.

Top Bike Racks for Any and All Needs

Last week we talked about the best bike racks for those that are on a budget. These were the simples of the simple – the bike racks for the bachelor, organization for the unemployed. However, this week we are going to take a 180 and discuss the other end of the spectrum: top bike racks. These are the biggest and the best bike racks that you can find. Whether you want to show off to your friends, or just have a whole bunch of bikes to store, this is the post for you.

There are many top bike racks, and people purchase them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are a die-hard bicycle enthusiast, and want to have top of the line equipment. Others just like to show off their wealth and have premium everything. Still others have a lot of bicycles they need to have stored, and when you need to organize more than two bicycles, it can get pricey.

The first top bike rack is for those that have a lot of bicycles to store. Perhaps you have a family of four, and want to store all of their bicycles in one easy to maintain location. The Indoor Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack is ideal for this situation. This rack is made from a unique poly material that makes it resistant to the elements. With space to store up to 8 bicycles, you have plenty of room for the family and maybe even some friends too!

Top Bike Racks

Next is the top bike rack for road warriors. This car-mounted bicycle rack is perfect for finding that remote locale for your next ride. The Advantage Sports Rack GlideAway2 provides incredible storage for any journey. It is made by Heininger, one of the top names in car bicycle racks. This is certainly a top bike rack if I have ever seen one.

Top Bike Racks

Lastly, you have the fancy bike rack for those that love to show off. The Garage Gator Motorized System is a great way to show your friends how cool you are. This top bike rack is able to hold up to 220 pounds. What is especially cool about this rack is that it can store items other than bicycles as well.

Top Bike Racks

There you have it, three of the top bike racks available today!

Affordable Bike Racks for the Budget Conscious

For the last few months I have been using a jerry-rigged “bike rack” to store my ride. While this has been extremely cost effective, I worry that my bicycle will get stolen at some point. The bicycle is simply tied up to a truss in the parking garage below my building. While this basement garage is fairly well-secured, it is not particularly difficult for an intruder to get into if he or she so desired. So I started to research an appropriate bicycle rack for my storage needs and came across and (perhaps not so surprising) revelation: bicycle racks are expensive! Here are a couple suggestions for affordable bike racks.Afforable Bike Racks

While you may not want to blow your money on a bike rack, it is important to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish. If your bicycle is not secured properly, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands to replace your bicycle or its parts when you could have just parted with 50 bucks or so to keep it properly stored. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, you will be extremely happy with your decision when you realize the garage has been raided but your bicycle was left untouched.

So let’s go onto the affordable bicycle racks so you can find the proper storage for your ride. While you can definitely spend some big bucks on a rack, there are plenty that are sturdy, secure and low-cost.

Two great affordable bike racks

The Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack has a very fitting name – it is both extremely durable and lightweight, making it perfect for those that need to store their bicycle on the go. The rack can hold up to two bicycles, and with a price tag under 60 dollars, is certainly a great affordable bike rack choice.

For those that are a little more tight on space, the Platinum One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount is a great affordable bike rack option. This rack can be installed onto the wall and takes up next to no space! The rack can hold one bicycle at a time and comes in at a price under $40! This is one of the most simple affordable bike racks available today.

Affordable Bike Racks

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable bike racks available for any situation and need. With so many options available, there really is no excuse for you to keep tying your bike up to trees and stops signs in your front yard!

Bike Repair Storage: Not an Afterthought

Most of the time on this blog we discuss the best ways to store our bikes. Bike repair storage is an important topic that we rarely discuss. Bike repair accessories like air pumps, chain grease, tool kits and patches are some of the most important pieces of the bicycling puzzle. Having them in a neat and organized location is vital to having a bike that operates at its maximum potential.

I know plenty of riders that are totally obsessive about fixing up their bikes. The organizational habits of these folks ranges quite a bit. You have some that are nearly Obsessive-Compulsive, and others that have garages that look like a bomb went off. Despite these organizational differences, all of my friends are pretty adroit with the wrench and grease.

As I mentioned, one friend is particularly sloppy. But, it is incredible to watch this disorganized guy work on his bicycle. Despite tools being strewn about and bike repair storage a distant afterthought, he operates like a surgeon. He knows exactly where every tool is and spends little time searching the cluttered room. As I watch him, I think to myself, “If he is this skilled without bicycle accessory storage, think of his prowess when he adopts my techniques!”

I make some bike repair storage suggestions to my friend

So I made a few suggestions to my friend about how to improve the organization of his garage. Surprisingly, he took it to heart. First, I suggested he look into the Bike Organizer Rail. This product is built specifically for bicycle accessory storage. It includes a variety of features for storage, plus two racks for bike storage!

Next, I recommended he look into garage drawers to store his loose tools. He had an impressive tool collection, so I suggested the 26” Tool Storage Chest. This chest has six drawers and a locking cabinet for organized and secure tool storage.

Bike Repair StorageBike Repair Storage

Take these storage tips to heart when you are organizing your garage or bicycle storage area. While it may seem like an afterthought, bike repair storage is a necessity

Bicycle Storage Rack After a Big City Ride

One of the best ways to get in shape is to use your bicycle to get around. This two wheel transportation mode provides an excellent work out for your legs and core. Not only that, riding your bicycle is a great way to get around and avoid traffic. When you are done with the ride, be sure to have the proper bicycle storage rack to keep it in tip top shape.

I know that I have found the benefits of cycling since moving to traffic-choked Southern California. Driving my car simply became too tedious and infuriating, and I would come home in a terrible mood every day. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in your car for an hour on the dirty 101 freeway only to go 7 miles. I could have jogged that fast!

However, there are lots of great reasons to bicycle in Los Angeles (and your city too) other than soul-crushing traffic.

For one, you get an up-close look at all the interesting neighborhoods that make up the city. Instead of seeing the neighborhoods whiz by at 45 miles per hour, you get to see everyday interactions by your fellow denizens. Perhaps you notice some street art you never saw before, or find a new restaurant that is tucked away, out of sight from automobile traffic.

Once you get home, it is important to keep your bicycle in great shape. That means putting it in a bicycle storage rack so it stays off the ground and does not get any damage. The bicycle storage rack that best fits your needs is not a universal thing.

Which bicycle storage rack is right for me?

Bicycle Storage Rack

Some people have lots of floor space or even a garage, and in that case I would recommend a freestanding bicycle rack. Others have cramped space in the garage, or perhaps live in an apartment. For those folks, I would recommend a hanging bicycle storage rack like the Gravity Bike Rack. This saves floor space and allows you to store multiple bicycles in one place.

Hopefully you can use this advice and begin your own bicycle commuting adventures in your town!