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Santa’s got a brand new ride

The kiddos asked and old St. Nick delivered — a shiny new bike, that is. But depending on where you live, it’s not exactly bike riding season. So after dad gives in and lets them do a couple laps around the living room, what do you do with the new ride until the snow thaws?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There are lots of things you can do to make sure your fresh wheels are in still in new condition when the summer sun comes back.

Bicycle storageCeiling Mount Bike Lift

  1. Garage Bike Storage Systems: Whether you mount it or hoist it, there are lots of options. Most of these ceiling storage designs are great because you can keep bikes inside, safe from the winter elements, but still have access to your garage. Mom’s happy because she doesn’t have to scrap her windshield before work AND because bikes are out of little ones sight, out of mind until summer. Dual Bike Stand
  2. Bike Stands: Free standing bike stands are a great resource if you have the floor space OR if you’re hesitant about your handiness and would prefer not to hang heavy objects above your not-quite-paid-off car. You can snag one up for less than 100 bucks and easily store bikes during the off season.
  3. Wall Bike Storage: Your final option is wall-mounted holders. These are my favorite because they’re inexpensive, easy to install on your own and still clear floor space in the garage or basement without hoisting to the ceiling.


Even Kids Who Think They Know Eveything Need To Know About Bike Racks!

Jeez, how about this guy? He certainly thinks he’s cool. Kids seem to do that. They act smart, crack wise, and mouth off. And when you mix dangerous levels of self-confidence, a 4th grade intellect, and allow no filter, you get… this blog! Ha-ha. Just kidding. No, really, you get kids! And poor kids; those poor, poor kids. After they are done acting smarter than adults and sassing elders, they notice that their bike is stolen. But wait, son, I thought you were so smart! I thought I told you to chain and lock your bike to a rack when you got to the park, and you told me you didn’t need to! Stop crying, son! I thought you were so certain of your world, a world that no longer includes your bike. How did you think your bike was stolen? Can you think of anything, anything at all that could have prevented thieves from taking your bike, forever? Anything that I suggested to you before you went to the park? No? Really? They often end up with no bikes. I doubt things will ever change. But what I don’t doubt, is the coolness of this playfully titled bike-rack, the Indoor/Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack. Cool!! Right?

Tired of tripping over those kid-sized bikes in your garage? Sick of near-misses with bikes left laying in the driveway? Take a close look at the Indoor/Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack. This bike rack can hold both child and adult sized bikes! That means this bike rack has a capacity of up to 8 bicycles. It is crafted out of Poly Lumber – which is lumber mixed with plastic. That means the bike rack won’t split, or rot away – plus the color will last for many years without fading. The black pipes are aluminum, and the hardware is stainless steel. Instructions and necessary hardware included, all you need is a 7/16″ wrench for assembly! And kids, remember: even if you ignore grown-up advice to lock and rack your bike, be sure to follow the advice of those big yellow signs. Good luck!

The Very Perfect Rack for Bikes

Hey sometimes we get so seroius around here that I wanted to lighten it up a bit with some fun pictures! Wild! I guess the sight of a guy riding a bike out on the sand was crazy, and all the beach people were all like “WHAT?!” and he was all “look at my big tires!” and then he drove past the sand, into the ocean, and he was all “I can drive my bicycle over water itself!” and everyone was shock and the coast guards though he was a terrorist and shot him dead. That’s the sad reason that you won’t be buying his invention anytime soon: it’s Exhibit C in a pending wrongful death trial. It’s safe to say, his invention died with him. What didn’t die, though, is value at Stacks and Stacks. It’s here to stay.

Look at this awesome Bike Rack For 6 Bikes with Top Rack-Carbon Steel I found! Dude, for real. This easy to use bike rack stores up to 6 bikes upright! Not 5, 6!! It’s got a sleek euro styled powder coated steel frame that cradles front wheels securely and conveniently, and a heavy duty carbon steel frame that uses plastic inserts at all connections to eliminate metal to metal contact that can lead to rust and corrosion and all those darn hardware and assembly tools are included and that means you can use it also as an accessory storage rack that holds helmets, book bags and more! Pretty cool. And while it’s innovative, I think it’s also safe to say the inventor of this beauty is not wrongfully dead. No, he’s totally rich!

Multi-Task Force Bike Rack Superior

Holy smokes, those bikes look like they’re on “Dancing With the Stars”! Ha-ha. But they’re not – they’re actually racked on one of the coolest, most efficient bike rack/sports rack combos I have ever seen! The amazing Bicycle and Sports Rack is a treasure for not only bike aficionados, but sports fans as well!

The Bicycle and Sports Rack is perfect for storing up to 4 bikes at a time so this rack offers lots of storage, with a narrow design that makes storage a snap. If you’re garage is as cramped as mine, you’ll certainly dig the space saving feature! But the neatest feature this bike rack has is completely unexpected – let’s take a closer look:

Awesome! It’s like a sports locker AND a bike rack, ALL IN ONE! That’s pretty cool. And for a parent of some serious little sports-crazy kids, keeping all their sports stuff all in one place makes me and my wife’s life a lot easier. Balls, skateboards, even my wife’s ski poles will fit on that rack. That’s really cool. The folks who created the Bicycle and Sports Rack really know what they’re doing.

Sometimes stuff piles up, and if your sporting equipment is piling up, and you want to rack them all in one place, this is your ticket to bike and sports rack perfection. Combining bike storage and sporting equipment storage in one, this rack is a compact, space saving solution ideal for cramped garages. The Bicycle and Sports Rack is a terrifically cool way to stay organized! Take it from me, this is a great way to keep your garage and bikes and gear clutter-free with an easy to organize design that has a place for everything! (It also makes an unexpected and thoughtful gift, as the holidays are close. Trust me, they’ll love it!).

Skuut the Heck Up, Fear! Kids, Cast Out Fear with the Skuut Bike!

Remember way back when, when you first learned to ride a bike? I know, it was totally a loooooong time ago. But think back to when you took your first bike ride. Scary, terrifying, heart-stopping. Blind fear. Horror. The horror. Gravity. Pavement. Pain. Busted bike, terrifying memories, awful nightmares. Thanks to my militant father who laughed at my tears and fed me shame, I got right back up on that bike and rode it. Right down the street, right over the curb, right down the hill, right into the parking lot, right into the moving station wagon. Right into the darkness of concussion. Right into the hospital. But it was all okay, because I gained a lifetime of respect for bikes and bike riding and bikes and bike racks. So thanks, dad. But you know what would have helped waaaaaaaay back when, helped me to avoid the cruel, excruciating agony of that first day riding a bike? This Skuut Wooden Balance Bike from the gang over at Stacks and Stacks.

Cool! Supercool! Your kids can take the fear out of riding a bike with the Skuut! The Skuut is a wooden bike meant for kids ages two to five. It has no pedals, no at all, and no training wheels. None! The Skuut teaches children the principles of balance, steering, coordination and – most importantly – confidence with a bike. Confidence! Now check out this coolness! Kids sit on the Skuut, and kick off the ground, as if running, thus pushing or ‘skuut-ing’ themselves and the bike forward. Scooooot! Skuut! After some time mastering balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two-wheel bike is a snap! Boy, I wish my old man knew that! Oh well. Ha-ha! Choose from just the Skuut, or the Skuut with a matching bike rack! Because this blog isn’t just supposed to be all about my hellish childhood, but about bike racks. Bike Racks Blog!! Remember, your kids will think it’s a hoot to Skuut! Good luck!

Ride a Rocket Scooter? I have a Rack for that, too.

Christmas was a real blast. The family really had a fun time, a great day. It was certainly a vacation from Bike Racks, but as you’ll see, Bike Racks are never too far away from me on any given day!

So, Christmas morning I received a neat new pair of Ibex El Fito Knickers (the kind with flexible Spandura® in the seat and inner thighs for maximum durability!) and a new Bell Ghisallo helmet in my favorite colors BLUE and WHITE, but — ha-ha — Christmas isn’t all about ME, is it? Nope, of course not. Alison got a new instant computer camera, and my sons Aaron and Michael got a Super Nintendo and Sega CD, respectively. But my boy Aaron got the real prize this year: a Rocket Scooter! (You’re exactly right, Michael is not yet old enough for one!) The Rocket Scooter is of course powered by a rocket — a real rocket that propels the scooter at some pretty cool speeds! Aaron got all the neat things to go with it, too, including Helmet and Faux Rocket Backpack (faux means fake!).

It was designed by my friend Theodore Bennet who works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada. (No, thats not a fancy way of saying CANADA. La Cañada Flintridge is in Pasadena, California, America!) Theodore built the Rocket Scooter out of a titanium-dipped tri-weave aluminum frame and disc brakes and high speed wheels with sealed roller bearings! Awesome! It also has a 350 lb thrust hydrogen peroxide rocket motor. It’s clean fuel, and safe for the environment, too.

So where to store the Rocket Scooter? I have my Bike Racks know-how down pat, but a Scooter is something I had to really think about. Then it hit me. My friends at STACKS AND STACKS have a terrific Scooter Stand available! It’s a jet-black beauty that features anti-skid rubber feet to keep the stand securely in place when it’s in use. And it also includes mounting hardware, so you can easily install it without hunting for extra screws and whatnot. This Scooter Stand is perfect for storing scooters and keeping them free from damage! And you’ll want to keep your Scooter safe, especially if it’s a Rocket Scooter.

The Scooter Stand from STACKS also works great for regular Scooters, which is good, because the family enjoys Scooters almost as much as Bicycles! (Ha-ha, I know. I DON’T, but they do!) We take the regular non-rocket variety sScooters out to the path they have around Lake Ridley at least once a month. Alison likes to take pictures of me and my sons all the time on Scooters, but I’d love to have some more shots of us ON BIKES! Ha-ha. (That’s probably why she got a new camera for Christmas! Hint! Hint!)