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Outdoor Bicycle Cover for Wet & Wild Winter Months

Keeping your bicycle in peak condition is a very important aspect of being a dedicated rider. While I have a great indoor location to store my bicycle, some of us are not so lucky to have a big space to store their vehicle.  Perhaps you live in a small apartment but have a balcony space. There is no space inside to store your bicycle, but there is plenty of room to keep it outdoors. However an outdoor bicycle cover is a must-have if you keep your bike stored outside.

Even if your balcony has a nice overhang above it which keeps the rain and snow off of your bicycle, you should look into an outdoor bicycle cover. This is because these overhangs often do not keep all of the moisture off of your bicycle, and this often leads to rusting and damage to your bike. Instead, use something such as the Esterna Bicycle Cover to keep your bicycle looking excellent even when it is stored outdoors.

Outdoor Bicycle Cover

This bicycle cover is made from heavy duty material, making it the ideal outdoor bicycle cover. The thick material keeps rain, snow, sleet and other types of moisture off of your bicycle. When the frame of your bike gets wet and is not properly dried, it can lead to rusting which makes the bicycle look bad and can also be quite dangerous.

This cover is made from 600 Denier Polyester Canvas, which is an incredibly durable material that will not crack and fade from sunlight. With a PVC coating, this outdoor bicycle cover is highly water resistant, wicking the water away off of your bicycle.

This outdoor bicycle cover is not just a necessity in the winter with wet weather, but also the summer when the sun can cause equally devastating damage to your bicycle.

Top Bike Racks for Any and All Needs

Last week we talked about the best bike racks for those that are on a budget. These were the simples of the simple – the bike racks for the bachelor, organization for the unemployed. However, this week we are going to take a 180 and discuss the other end of the spectrum: top bike racks. These are the biggest and the best bike racks that you can find. Whether you want to show off to your friends, or just have a whole bunch of bikes to store, this is the post for you.

There are many top bike racks, and people purchase them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are a die-hard bicycle enthusiast, and want to have top of the line equipment. Others just like to show off their wealth and have premium everything. Still others have a lot of bicycles they need to have stored, and when you need to organize more than two bicycles, it can get pricey.

The first top bike rack is for those that have a lot of bicycles to store. Perhaps you have a family of four, and want to store all of their bicycles in one easy to maintain location. The Indoor Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack is ideal for this situation. This rack is made from a unique poly material that makes it resistant to the elements. With space to store up to 8 bicycles, you have plenty of room for the family and maybe even some friends too!

Top Bike Racks

Next is the top bike rack for road warriors. This car-mounted bicycle rack is perfect for finding that remote locale for your next ride. The Advantage Sports Rack GlideAway2 provides incredible storage for any journey. It is made by Heininger, one of the top names in car bicycle racks. This is certainly a top bike rack if I have ever seen one.

Top Bike Racks

Lastly, you have the fancy bike rack for those that love to show off. The Garage Gator Motorized System is a great way to show your friends how cool you are. This top bike rack is able to hold up to 220 pounds. What is especially cool about this rack is that it can store items other than bicycles as well.

Top Bike Racks

There you have it, three of the top bike racks available today!

Outdoor Bike Storage

When it comes to storing bikes outdoors, there are two factors to take into consideration, the weather and safety. In many rainy places your bike can get damaged by rust, even making it difficult to unlock your bike lock. It’s important to shield you bike from the elements when storing it outside so you don’t end up with an unusable bike. Keeping your bike from getting stolen is also important, which is why having a safe place to lock up a bike outside is a great way to keep them safe.

Adding a compact bike rack like the Indoor/Outdoor Poly Lumber Bike Rack to the side of the house or backyard can be a convenient way to store a bike outside.
For an outdoor bike rack with storage for everything from bikes to helmets the Bicycle Stand – Floor Storage System is just the ticket. This bike rack has space for bikes for the whole family.
Further protect bikes when stored outdoors by camouflaging them in style. The Outdoor Screen adds an elegant touch to any outdoor space, while keeping bikes out of view.
For keeping your bike dry while stored outdoors the Esterna Bicycle Cover is just what you need. This cover can be used at home or brought on a trip to help keep your bike high and dry.
Keeping your bikes protected is a must for ensuring that you have it for many rides down the road. Whether you want to keep your bike safe from the weather or robbers, there is a clever way to add outdoor bike storage to your home. This holiday season when everyone is getting a new bike, think about giving a gift that helps protect that bike for years to come.

Keep Your Patio Furniture Fresh For Spring With Furniture Covers

For those of you that live way out on the East Coast and in the South, you surely know what a huge pain the summer can be when those massive thunderstorms roll around, especially if you own cushioned or weather-sensitive patio furniture.

outdoor furniture covers by laminet cover

outdoor furniture covers by laminet cover

Of course, most folks just deal with it and move the furniture to drier ground when it looks as if a storm is a-brewing. The only problem with that solution is that it always seems like thunderstorms strike at the worst possible moment. There is just no possible way to be there for every single storm all summer. Because of this most just suck it up and replace the furniture’s cushions every year; the problem is even worse for those with weather-sensitive items, in which entire sets must be replaced every few years.

However, there is a simple and practical solution to summertime storms ruining your patio furniture. The easiest, quickest and, most importantly, least expensive solution I have heard about is purchasing outdoor furniture covers by Laminet Cover. These covers are available in sizes specially made for round tables, chairs and chaise lounges. Made with two levels of polyethylene material that has been UV-stabilized, these covers really get the job done.
What is also great about the UV stabilization is that bright, sunny days will not dry out the covers, leaving them susceptible to cracking and tearing. In fact, these covers are tear resistant. This is great because it would be really annoying to have to bring your furniture inside on sunny days to keep the covers from cracking and tearing!

At the base are round grommets, and a set of nylon tie-downs are included. These features allow tying the base shut, keeping your furniture really safe from moisture and keep the furniture covers from blowing away in the wind.
All of these furniture covers and other outdoor furniture accessories can be found online at Stacks and Stacks!

Olden Times School Style Bike Rack!

I’m sure a lot of you remember parking your bicycle at school in the morning, and locking it up real safe with a good chain and lock on the bike rack. It was almost like a business parking lot or something, only instead of cars, we all had bikes. Sometimes I get nostalgic (remember the olden days) when I come across an old bike helmet, or bmx bike, or this Bicycle Stand. It takes me right back to elementary school.

While your school days are behind you, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from similar bike rack storage at home. If you have a family of your own now (like I do) this Bicycle Stand can really help out with keeping your kid’s bikes and helmets organized and safe.

It’s a Bike Rack For 6 Bikes! With plenty of storage to go around, this bike rack is ideal for storing bikes for the whole family, from the little ones to the adults. A tough, powder-coated steel frame that works well with the front wheels of your kid’s bike, keeping them steady and upright. Even better, the Bicycle Stand‘s heavy duty carbon steel frame uses plastic inserts at all of it’s connection points to eliminate that metal-to-metal contact, you know, the kind that can lead to rust, corrosion, and a Tetanus shot.

Another cool thing about this Stand is the conveniences: not only are all the hardware and assembly tools included, but it comes complete with an accessory storage rack! One that holds helmets, book bags and more! So you don’t end up with bike accessories laying around on the floor. Pretty cool, and pretty old school. So if you’re thinking back to the old days with a smile, why not pick this beauty up and make all-new memories? (Your kids will thank you!)