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Santa’s got a brand new ride

The kiddos asked and old St. Nick delivered — a shiny new bike, that is. But depending on where you live, it’s not exactly bike riding season. So after dad gives in and lets them do a couple laps around the living room, what do you do with the new ride until the snow thaws?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There are lots of things you can do to make sure your fresh wheels are in still in new condition when the summer sun comes back.

Bicycle storageCeiling Mount Bike Lift

  1. Garage Bike Storage Systems: Whether you mount it or hoist it, there are lots of options. Most of these ceiling storage designs are great because you can keep bikes inside, safe from the winter elements, but still have access to your garage. Mom’s happy because she doesn’t have to scrap her windshield before work AND because bikes are out of little ones sight, out of mind until summer. Dual Bike Stand
  2. Bike Stands: Free standing bike stands are a great resource if you have the floor space OR if you’re hesitant about your handiness and would prefer not to hang heavy objects above your not-quite-paid-off car. You can snag one up for less than 100 bucks and easily store bikes during the off season.
  3. Wall Bike Storage: Your final option is wall-mounted holders. These are my favorite because they’re inexpensive, easy to install on your own and still clear floor space in the garage or basement without hoisting to the ceiling.


Bike storage solutions for the coming colder months

It is inevitable. The colder months are creeping in here in Michigan.

And while fall doesn’t officially begin for another ten days, the cool crisp wind of autumn is already blowing through my open bedroom window every night.

This colder weather is the beginning of lots of things, but what it mostly means to us here on the Bike Rack Blog is — you guessed it — winter storage. We have lots of great options for storing your two-wheel transportation for the winter. Whether you’re looking to keep your family’s bikes accessible, or want them completely out of the way to make space for other items, we have you covered.

Here are just a few bike storage solutions:

Motorized bike storage system
Don’t break a sweat getting your bike up and down in the garage thanks to this awesome motorized lift. The flip of a switch hoists up to 125 pounds to the top of your garage ceiling. This lift not only makes it simple to store bikes without lifting much weight, it makes it super easy to keep your ride accessible for those year-long committed riders.

Hoist bike lift
This hoist lift works in a similar way to reduce the need to manually lift the weight of your bike. This storage piece is designed to store a single bike and hoist it up with the pull of a cord, similar to the way the blinds on your windows work. Pull the rope to lift and lock the bike in place and loosen the rope to lower it again. This storage piece is super safe and designed to cinch at the top so it will not fall if you let go.

Classic wall mount
If you want to go simple, consider a classic wall mount. This inexpensive and easy to install holder is perfect for any size garage. Clear up floor space so you can keep cars tucked in the garage all winter long by using this storage piece that is designed to hang one bicycle vertically. The top hook and rail holds the front tire in place while the bottom plate protects walls from the back tire.

 Find these products and more like them at

Suspended Bicycle Rack Saves Space and Sanity

Are you looking for a simple way to store your bicycle? Perhaps it is a bicycle storage option that requires little effort and more importantly, requires very little cash? Well take a look at this unique suspended bicycle rack. It provides excellent storage for a single bicycle, keeping it up off of the floor so you do not have to waste valuable space storing your bike.

Now, you are probably wondering what I am talking about when I refer to a suspended bicycle rack. Did this bicycle rack throw a rock through the classroom’s window, and now has to spend a couple days at home (seriously what kind of punishment is giving a bad kid vacation?). No, this is not a “kicked out of school” bike rack, it is a suspended bike rack – meaning it “suspends” your bicycle from the ceiling.

There are quite a few good reasons to suspend your bicycle up from the ceiling when it is not in use. First of all, it saves space and allows you to use that area for something more productive. Secondly, with your bicycle up off of the ground there is very little chance that you run into the bike while doing something else, preventing you or your bike from being damaged in the process.

Now I know what you are thinking: “A suspended bicycle rack sounds expensive!” Well guess what? You are wrong. A suspended bicycle rack is actually one of the most inexpensive ways to store your bicycle. In fact, it costs just about as much to buy the Hoist Monster Bicycle Rack as it does to buy a super-sized Double Six Dollar Burger from Carl’s Jr!

Suspended Bicycle Rack

Like I said this suspended bicycle rack only costs around 15 dollars, which is an unbelievable deal! This hoist rack can hold one bicycle and judging by its high marks (5 stars on Stacks and Stacks), it does the job very well!

Inexpensive Bicycle Storage for a Holiday Surprise!

So you got a brand new bicycle for Christmas this year. And while it was a bit unexpected, you probably should have seen it coming considering you incessantly complain about the traffic you have to sit through on the way to work. Now you’ve got no excuse. The only problem is you have nowhere to put the thing, so you are scrambling for some inexpensive bicycle storage.

Inexpensive Bicycle StorageYou don’t have a ton of cash on you to blow on some state of the art bicycle rack that holds tools and hikes your bicycle up to the ceiling or rafters or something. In fact, you are basically looking for the most inexpensive bicycle storage to keep your ride off the ground. And the only reason you care about this that you want to get your security deposit back at the end of the lease and a loose bicycle can wreak havoc on an apartment.

And you really don’t need one of those crazy bike racks that can hold 4 or more bicycles at a time. That is just overkill. There are very few inexpensive bicycle storage options that hold more than 2 bike racks, and those that do are probably not worth their low price. They are most likely cheap imitations.

Inexpensive Bicycle Storage Is Not Hard To Find

However, if you are looking for inexpensive bicycle storage for two bicycles, then look no further than the Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack. This bike rack is perfect for the low-budget apartment dweller because it costs under 100 dollars, is very compact and does not need to be installed to the wall.

 That’s right, this inexpensive bicycle storage option works with just the use of good old-fashioned, totally-free gravity. No need to even get screws and a screwdriver to install this bad-boy!

While at first it seemed like the gift of a bicycle was a gift with a costly chore attached, in fact it is quite simple to find inexpensive bicycle storage for your home!

Bike Rack Gift for that Cyclist in Your Life

Are you looking for a low-cost gift for that avid cyclist in your life? Well I have the perfect gift that allows them to store their bicycle with ease in any setting. This bike rack gift is an amazing choice, especially if your gift recipient lives in a small house, condo or apartment where space is at a premium.

Most of the cyclists I know have such a hard time finding a place to store their bicycle. Lots of apartments do not have any dedicated space to store your bikes. Others do but they are not very secure and the risk of losing a wheel or a handlebar set is just too great to take that risk. Even more bike storage areas are unprotected and in inclement weather, cyclists risk their bikes rusting and face safety issues while riding.

So the best way for your friend to store their bicycle is indoors. That is where the 2 Bike Gravity Bike Rack comes into place. This bike rack is designed to be used indoors and can store two bicycles at a time. This rack is really compact so it is perfect for using in a small space. Another reason this is great for people that live in apartments (typically renters) is that it requires no affixing to the wall. This is important because they want to get the security deposit back at the end of their lease!

Bike Rack Gift

But this rack is not just great for them – because it costs fewer than 100 dollars, it is a great bike rack gift for you too! You won’t break the bank finding the perfect bike rack gift because here it is, for the low cost of $99!

With this bike rack gift, you will certainly make that bike-storage starved friend in your life a very jolly person!

Bike Rack Gift – There is Something For Everybody

I know it is only mid-November, but I think it couldn’t hurt to take a look at some great holiday gift ideas. There is nowhere that is safe from the Christmas creep, and that even includes us here at Bike Racks Blog. So we will take a look at   bike rack gift or two that will brighten the faces of all the little boys and girls that are special to you. And despite what you may believe, finding the perfect bike rack does not have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Believe it or not, there are quite a few amazing items that make for the perfect bike rack gift.  If that special rider in your life is clamoring for a new car mounted bike rack – we have the right choice. Or if that person is looking for something to store their bike in the off-season – I can help you out with that. There is a bike rack gift for every single kid.

The first bike rack gift is the Glideaway Advantage Sportsrack, which provides storage and organization for your bikes when you are on the road. This rack is a very durable and a great choice for any adventurous bike rider that really wants to get to those hard-to-reach locales. Of course, at over 200 dollars, this is not a rack for those with shallow pockets.

Bike Rack Gift

If you are looking for a more inexpensive bike rack gift option, simply look this way. The most inexpensive rack currently on the market this holiday season is the Hoist Monster Bicycle Rack. At fewer than 20 dollars, the value this bicycle rack provides is incredible. Not only does it have a very low price-point, it has garnered a perfect 5 star rating on Stacks and Stacks!

Bike Rack Gift

So whether you are looking for a bike rack gift expensive or inexpensive, big or small, know that there is something perfect out there for you.

Affordable Bike Racks for the Budget Conscious

For the last few months I have been using a jerry-rigged “bike rack” to store my ride. While this has been extremely cost effective, I worry that my bicycle will get stolen at some point. The bicycle is simply tied up to a truss in the parking garage below my building. While this basement garage is fairly well-secured, it is not particularly difficult for an intruder to get into if he or she so desired. So I started to research an appropriate bicycle rack for my storage needs and came across and (perhaps not so surprising) revelation: bicycle racks are expensive! Here are a couple suggestions for affordable bike racks.Afforable Bike Racks

While you may not want to blow your money on a bike rack, it is important to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish. If your bicycle is not secured properly, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands to replace your bicycle or its parts when you could have just parted with 50 bucks or so to keep it properly stored. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, you will be extremely happy with your decision when you realize the garage has been raided but your bicycle was left untouched.

So let’s go onto the affordable bicycle racks so you can find the proper storage for your ride. While you can definitely spend some big bucks on a rack, there are plenty that are sturdy, secure and low-cost.

Two great affordable bike racks

The Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack has a very fitting name – it is both extremely durable and lightweight, making it perfect for those that need to store their bicycle on the go. The rack can hold up to two bicycles, and with a price tag under 60 dollars, is certainly a great affordable bike rack choice.

For those that are a little more tight on space, the Platinum One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount is a great affordable bike rack option. This rack can be installed onto the wall and takes up next to no space! The rack can hold one bicycle at a time and comes in at a price under $40! This is one of the most simple affordable bike racks available today.

Affordable Bike Racks

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable bike racks available for any situation and need. With so many options available, there really is no excuse for you to keep tying your bike up to trees and stops signs in your front yard!

Summer Time Is Bike Time!

We are creeping up fast on summer folks! Finally the spring chill is giving way to warmer evenings and the weekends are starting to get booked up with activities. The kids are either out of school or school’s about to end and the pools heaters are ready to be turned on for daily use. One of my family’s favorite activities is bike riding. We ride to the park, around the park, to farmer’s markets, and we always take our bikes on camping trips. With a family of four, it is absolutely necessary to have great bike storage!

tension bike rack

tension bike rack

Since summer is our favorite season and we are a fairly active bunch, you can imagine the inevitable storage challenges in our garage. Our secondary car had to give up its rights to parking in the garage a while ago. That isn’t to say we have a cluttered garage, but we have a lot of sports equipment, including bikes, kayaks, golf bags, and just about every kind of ball you can kick, bounce or throw around! I researched a lot of bike racks before deciding on the bicycle hanger that stores up to four bikes. I like that it is wall mounted for space efficiency and the bikes are easy to pull down and hang up. If I hadn’t chosen this particular bike hanging rack, I would have gone with a gravity bike stand. The 2-bike gravity bike rack is pretty cool because it does not require installation and has a leaning design. Because it lies snug against the wall, you don’t lose walking space. There is also a tension mounted aluminum bicycle rack I was considering. It’s kind of like a vertical shower rod that hold’s bikes. OK, not really but the tension design reminded me of that. You can get accessories for it like a basket to hold your gloves and helmet. If you’re looking for something super sturdy and robust, I would go with the gravity bike rack that holds 2 bikes and 2 helmets. It’s got a really well designed base and looks perfect for the serious cyclist or mountain biker. And it’s just the right size for a married couple single person with two types of bikes. Gravity bike racks and wall mounted bike racks are a great way to save space, and with no permanent installation required, they’re ideal for renters and folks who are not too handy with tools!

INJUSTICE ALERT: Bike Enthusiast unfairly treated for his beliefs.

You may read the news and hear about what is going on so you probably heard about this already but I’ll tell you now because IT’S IMPORTANT. On the internet, this story tells all about this guy who was totally slam-a-blammed for loving bicycles and bicycle riding. You can go read the story but if you don’t have time I’ll cut and paste the important, important part:

NEW YORK ( — In January 2009, a disgruntled JetBlue customer was slapped with a $50 fee for checking a box containing a fold-up bicycle, clothes and some cheese. The box met the height and weight requirements to keep it from warranting a baggage fee, but JetBlue’s policy for checking a bicycle, no matter the size, called for a $50 charge.

The angry passenger called the airline’s customer service center but was repeatedly told it was company policy and that no exceptions would be made. After getting back home, he took his fight public in a blog post on the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s website.

Then it was picked up by Twitter.

Within three days JetBlue called the cyclist back to tell him the $50 charge had been reversed and that it was changing its policy. “I have a great deal of respect for a company that is capable of recognizing an error and working quickly to fix it, ha-ha,” wrote the cyclist. The resolution of the saga was picked up in the bike blogosphere and Consumerist.

Yes, you guessed correctly… the airline passenger was ME. Boy, that whole thing made me mad. But alls well that ends well, ha-ha! I spent that 50 bucks on a new bike rack! Next time I fly JetBlue, I’m seriously going to consider taking a whole BUNCH of bikes with me – so I’m going to need something real cool, like this real cool bicycle storage rack called the Freestanding 4-Bike Rack from the folks over at Stacks and Stacks.

Need a bike rack that can accommodate many styles of bikes? This is the one for you. It’s a really sweet free standing bike rack! Great for the garage, this bike rack is perfect for families and people who collect multiple bikes (yes, that means me). It is super easy to put together, and super easy to use as well. Tough and strong and great looking, too! So really, I can’t think of a better way to store multiple bikes of different styles all in the same place, all at the same time. It makes organizing you garage a whole lot easier to, because all of your bikes can be stacked up. Maybe those wise guys at JetBlue hate bicycles, but I know you don’t, and I sure don’t, so don’t hesitate to buy this bike rack and show JetBlue what America is all about!!

The biggest BIKE RACK ever in HUMAN HISTORY!!

These days, in this period of tough economic times, it seems like taking time for art is kinda wasteful, but I disagree! You might take one look at this incredible Bike Rack Art and think it’s not only too big, but a waste of bikes and metal and time and energy. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s ART! This massive bike rack structure was created by bestselling artist Christo, and this photo was taken 1 day before he wrapped the entire project in a blue canvas. That’s right, that REALLY is Christo’s M.O. — he does weird wrappings and landscapes with colored umbrellas. Weird? Maybe! But it’s art, and good for him to make a gigantic bike rack! Anyway, all this art can sometime take you away from what’s important in life. It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m still all about finding you the best bike racks available. Just like this one! It’s prefect and simple and easy and cool!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel as well as the wall, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends! Good luck!