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Up, Up and Away!

Finding a place to store larger items, like bikes or scooters, can be a challenge in a packed garage. Sometimes it can be hard enough to fit the car in the garge, nonetheless all the bikes and sporting equipment you also want to store there. By making the most of unused space with a pulley system you can create a clutter free garage that doesn’t give you a headache every time you open the garage door.

When storing a single bike there are a few good options, like the Mounting Bicycle Storage Rack, which is specially designed to make hoisting items up above a breeze. Once the bike is in position it can be locked in place to keep it out of the way when not in use. The Bike Hoist is another good option, coming complete with padded hooks to ensure your bike doesn’t get scuffed while in storage. Holding up to 80 pounds, the Storage Pulley Hoist is a great choice for heavier mountain bikes, it also features a safety release mechanism to ensure that bikes stay in place during storage. Whether you’re looking to store kids bikes or a nice road bike, a pulley system is a great way to keep them safely stored and out of the way.

To add the amount of storage you need you can even align as many of these racks as you need to store all the bikes in your collection. These rack aren’t just for bikes, they can be used to store all sorts of things you’d like to get out of the way. Use them to store everything from boats, to patio furniture to ladders. Utilizing ceiling space as storage space is a great way to get the most out of your garage.

It’s Not Just Your Bike That Needs A Rack, Add Overhead Storage

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors! From camping to canoeing it’s easy to find yourself with a garage full of oversized equipment and no good place to put it. Make the next camping trip a breeze to pack for by keeping the garage organized and orderly. This means creative and heavy duty storage systems that stow away easily but can be accessed when needed. Overhead storage pulley systems are one option for making the most of unused garage storage space.

Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist

Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist

For anyone with a small boat to store the Heavy Duty Storage Pulley Hoist provides a compact overhead storage system that can adapt to your vessel. Hooks can be positioned to properly fit your boat. Hoisting up to 150 pounds this is a great way to make the most of garage storage by using the ceiling for storage space. Another option is the Deluxe Hoist Systemthat can be adapted to be used for everything from a kayak to a car top carrier. Simply place the item you want to store on the floor below, lower the hooks to attached to the item and lift it out of the way!

Deluxe Hoist System

Deluxe Hoist System

When storing bins of sporting or camping supplies a pulley like the Garage Storage System with Heavy Lift – 250 lbs has a built in shelf perfect for holding boxes. Simply install this system in a part of the garage where it can lowered far enough that items can be accessed.

Garage Storage System with Heavy Lift - 250 lbs

Garage Storage System with Heavy Lift – 250 lbs

These heavy duty lifting systems provide a safe way to store items that can be difficult to simply place on the shelf. When summer is over an overhead storage pulley system storage keeps items out of the way when not being used. Make the most of this summer with easy access to all your favorite toys!

A cool new Bike Rack makes me Happy, but a Mean Blog Lady bums me out.

I don’t know about what is happening to me here, but I am under attack by a weird INTERNET BLOGGER. That’s the worst level of attacker you can ever have, a step below fire ants or bed bugs or crabs. INTERNET BLOGGERS, when they get agitated, are tiny, and annoying, and they burn, and they keep you from doing what you’d rather be doing, which is writing about Bike Racks. Somewhere off in some sad corner of the internet, Wine Racks Blog tells all about Wine Racks and this chick Wineracks Molly I guess is really excited about those Wine Racks. Most of the weird blog is boring and stupid and dumb and retarded. Also spurious. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty and add up the pieces of feces, I’d say this Molly is mostly delusional and scary. Check out this post… this lie cupcake with ca-ca cream filling she baked up:

As you know, I’ve recently become aware of the blog that is called Bike Racks Blog, the blog that is known as the most dangerous site on the internet. I recently tried to have a conversation with Mr. Larry Wilson, the proprietor of the blog, but of course, I should have known better. You can’t reason with madmen. But still, I wanted to reach out, even though people advised me against it. I guess it seems naive, but I wanted to try to understand the person that would post such things like Cold, Chilling Holiday Nights demand you chill out with some stone-cold Holiday Deals!? Here is a transcription of that interview.

News Flash: She made that up. She never spoke with me.
BREAKING NEWS FLASH: I’m mad as hell, and Bike Racks Blog is going to war.

Yes, you guessed correctly… when Bike Racks blog is pushed, we go on the offended. We fight back to back, serving up hot angry soup. We strike when its less expected. We attack like clones and stick like a tack. We unleash Biblical levels of allegory. IT IS WAR, Wine Racks Blog. WAR. But please don’t worry long-time readers: attacking dumb hate blogs will not stop us from doing what we do best, which is finding the very coolest in Bike Racks, usually at Stacks and Stacks, usually at a very reasonable price, usually awesome. But we can’t forget that we were slander-libeled and libel-slandered by a libelous-slanderous herky-jerky wino. So the FIGHT BEGINS!

First thing I did was a reverse traceroute ping to locate the IP timestamp and compared reverse traceroute paths with traceroutes issued from the destination ping hops seen in directly measured traceroutes along the same ping path. It didn’t take me long to zero in on the computer Wine Racks Blog posts lie posts from. And it didn’t take me long to camp out on the street in front of the house where the computer Wine Racks Blog posts lie posts from is located. And it didn’t take me long to photograph the idiot.

That’s her, Bike Racks Blog League of Bike Rack Fans. So let’s GET HER. Let’s visit her site and leave comments and tell her how great THIS site is. Let’s type “Bike Racks Blog” into Google as many times as we can to get the #1 spot on Google Trends and embarrass her and blow away her traffic. Let’s not purchase any Wine Racks and kill the Wine Rack industry and then leave her nothing to talk about. Then she’ll have nothing to talk about but ME, so she can change the name of her blog to Unhealthy Obsession With Bike Racks Blog and then I’ll sue her for copyright violation.

So hey, do you need a bike rack that can accommodate many styles of bikes, in case you need to, I don’t know, convert them into one big flying justice death machine doling out beeatch bombs of megaton ninja vengeance? Then this is the one for you. It’s a really sweet Garage Gator Motorized Storage System. Garage storage for all your heavy toys has never been easier with the Garage Gator Motorized Storage System. The keylock safety switch allows you to lower or raise everything from bikes to gold bags, canoes to kayaks and much more. The Garage Gator is perfect for garage organization as it frees up floor space. 5″ model holds up to 125 lbs. 10″ model holds up to 220 lbs. Comes with a standard 110v plug and all hardware needed for simple install. But I digress…

It’s on friends. It’s on like Tron. Like Donkey Kong Marathon. I declare war on Wine Racks Blog, and I will not stop. Ever.

Molly better realize she just woke up the sleeping giant white whale, and THIS giant white whale she won’t be able to stop with just a slingshot and three magic beans.


Innovation Beyond Imagination: A HANGING Bike Rack!

I had to hit the awesome button.  Okay gang, everyone sit down and take a deep breath. I’m going to tell you something that you might not believe at first, but I assure you it’s all true, every word. They’ve come out with Bike Hacks that HANG FROM YOUR CEILING. Nope, it’s not April 1st. I’ve seen them. They’re real, they hang, and you can get one right now! I know! This totally changes everything, for sure. Because now space is never going to be a problem from anyone, and you’ll never have to worry about wrecking your bike in a messy garage or house — now you just have to look up, and there it is! Man, what the heck?! SOOOOO COOL! I mean, some may think it’s crazy to have a ten speed just hanging up in the air like that, but it’s safer, more efficient, and it’s awesome.

Now that you’ve used all of the wall space in your garage, and floor space that must be open for car parking, what to do about that little extra storage space that’s needed? Hoist a bicycle, ladder, canoe or other large items to the ceiling with this garage ceiling storage system! This garage storage rack lifts items to the ceiling (up to 12 feet high) with a unique rail design that mounts easily along the ceiling joist. With a 75-pound capacity, this garage bicycle rack uses a cam lock to secure the rope with every pull, making it user friendly for the average person. If a storage solution for smaller items is needed, simply load up to 75 pounds in a sack or garbage bag, secure it to the pulleys, and lift it up! Access to stored items is almost as simple as having them on a shelf! You’ll have all the storage space you need in no time!

An Amazing Bike Rack that Hangs From The Ceiling!

I heard about this new kind of Bike Rack they’ve been testing out and approved and that they sell now, and after hearing about it, I had to find it for myself. Wow. When I did, I was knocked out and blown away. The stories didn’t do it justice, not at all. The kind of rack I was looking at? A HANGING Bike Rack!! Can you imagine? Look at that, it’s up there, it’s really up there! Ha-ha! I like all kinds of bike racks, but when they hang from the ceiling like that, you’re really going to take notice. And I sure did when I found this one! Check it out —

This awesome Storage Pulley Hoist is rad for turning those unused areas up above into extra storage space! With a lifting capacity of 80 lbs. and a safety release mechanism that keeps it from accidentally releasing, the Storage Pulley Hoist is perfect for storing bicycles, canoes, deck furniture, ladders, kayaks and whatever you like!


Not just for storing bikes, this rack is ideal for storing all sorts of oddly shapes items, likes sports equipment that can be difficult to find the storage space for. Combining easy access with out of the way storage, this rack is great for both items that get used everyday, as well as items like canoes or camping equipment that only get used occasionally.

This bike rack saises and lowers loads in seconds with the (aprox) 40 feet of rope that’s even included! And I gotta tell you, it’s versatile enough to work on open rafters or finished ceilings of up to 9 feet in height, and that means it’s great for off season storage! So if you can get past the idea that this Bike Rack hangs from the ceiling, I would advise you to purchase one ASAP! Good luck!

Hang ‘em High!

Well, you certainly don’t have to have the moves of a Fred Astaire to get up on the ceiling. And you don’t have to be a Bat and hang upside down. And you really don’t need super powers like Spider-Man, either. How do you do it? Let me explain to you how. Feast you eyes on some serious awesomeness. This amazing Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack and Hoist takes your bike, and HANGS IT!

Pretty neat, huh? The first time I installed mine, the kids and I stood and stared. Alison said it looked like a scene out of her favorite film, “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”. She was exactly right, and the Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack’s tough cam lock and frame is exactly right as well. You know what? It also holds ladders, if your bike is out in the shop. Or you’re out riding it. It’ll actually safely hoist up anything you want, up to 75 pounds! That’s great for my cramped garage. There just so much stuff around in there, the Aluminum Overhead Garage Rack really helps. It helps your bike “rise above”! (Ha-ha, sorry, bad pun.)

I’d nab one of these Aluminum Overhead Garage Racks quick, and hang your goods up, if I were you. You’ll be envied by your neighbors, and like I said, your kids will love watching things float up there. Mine do. And Alison was so happy after I bought one, that she snuck a song onto my iPod. I heard it on my morning bike ride. Know what it was? One guess. Give up? Here you go: