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Broke your BIKE RACK? Buy a Leaning Bike Rack!

Ouch, this bike rack is done. It’s all over for this rack. There will be no more bikes in this rack’s future. It’s broken. Afraid YOU are going to break your bike rack? Don’t worry. All my friends on the Bike Rack Forum have a whole lot to say on the subject, and you can check out here, at this link right here. It seems like these days, besides all the troubling economic and everything in the news, it seems like all the innovations are just getting cooler and cooler! How about a cool way to rack a bike inside your garage or home or apartment, quick and easy? I’m glad you asked, friends, because I have just the thing! A leaning bike rack!

This is a 2 Bike Gravity Rack that is just the best for keeping 2 of your bikes safe and racked. There’s no need for complicated wires and pulleys and nails, as cool as those things are, because this bicycle rack simply leans against the wall! That’s called perfect if you live in an apartments and small storage sheds, it won’t even upset your walls! Sot his rack won’t leave behind screw holes, or leave your wall marked up. Simply lean this rack against the wall and it’s ready to store. The 2 Bike Gravity Rack features independently adjustable arms, and it totally fits just about any style of bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes. Well, not the bike picture up above (that crazy red bike of the future thing that might just be a car), but your bike, probably. It just goes to show you that sometimes, neat future things are zippy and fun to look at, but when it comes down to it, the best kind of bike racks and bike stands are 2 bike gravity racks and the kind that are simple and easy to use. Keep it simple, Simon! Good luck!

Flat Tires are No Fun. Same Goes For a Garage with No Bike Rack.

Is there any hell worse than the hell of a flat tire? You’re out on a great ride, enjoying the path and the trees and the air and the freedom, and suddenly WHAM, WHOOSH, FLAT! Not good. It’s a true feeling of not good. Which is EXACTLY the feeling I get when I ride over to a friends house and see that their garage has no bike rack. I feel embarrassed for my friend, I feel sad, and to be honest, I feel a little angry. In this day and age, there’s really no reason to go without a bike rack, even in these troubling economic times. And the good news is, just like the ease of changing a flat tire, you can add a bike rack to your home or garage or front yard! Here’s a handy suggestion:

You’ll have NO NEED to lift up or hoist your bike with the easy-access 4 Bike Fold-Up. It features a patented locking A-Frame that folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Constructed of high carbon steel tubing with soft, rounded, euro-style corners, the rack is as attractive as it is rugged. The smooth powder coated finish resists scratches and rust. No assembly required. Rack opens from 3″ up to 24″. Man, that’s just perfect for the home or garage, especially a home or garage that doesn’t have a bike rack yet! And it sure beats a flat tire, know what mean? Good luck!

I Fold! Because I found a Bike Racks that Folds!

Sometimes when I’m searching for great new Bike Racks to share, I’ll come across an item that will totally surprise me. Completely surprise! I have been well schooled in the ways of “normal” Bike Racks, or “standard” Bike Racks, if you will. In fact, I could probably teach a master class in the subject, ha-ha! But after looking at, buying, using, and reviewing only the best in Bike Racks for years, I was totally knocked over when I saw this:

Do you know what that is? Can you tell? Your eyes are probably playing tricks on you, but don’t be fooled, that’s a BIKE RACK! And even better, it’s a FOLDING BIKE RACK! I found it over at StacksandStacks.com, and man, it’s stunning! And innovative! It stores two bikes flat against the wall, and when this rack isn’t being used, it totally folds down! It folds flat! So it’s not hard to move around like most big racks, and because it’s small, when you fold it down, it takes up NO ROOM except a small amount of space on your wall! It also has a neat shelf to store shoes or helmets. The Folding Bike Rack is made from tough epoxy coated solid steel, and it has PVC cushioned sleeves to protect the bike’s finish AND comes with a lifetime warranty. Amazing! You should check it out. I’ve ordered 3, and I’m going to surprise my family. I’m sure my wife will figure out what it is quickly, but my two daughters, not so fast! It folds!