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two-bike floor stand lifestyle shot

Bike Stand – 2 Bikes

two-bike floor stand lifestyle shot

Bike Stand – Keep Two Bikes Upright and Secure

Sturdy enough to hold two bikes, and handsome enough to store them in your apartment, this cleanly-designed floor stand keeps two bikes upright for secure storage. We’ve all had bikes topple and kickstands fail. And when the bike falls, it damages the wall, the floor and, at worst, the bike itself. Securing it with a stand is the smartest way to prevent mishaps.

The actual footprint of the stand is 23.5 W by 14.5 deep inches, taking up little space, while providing storage for two bikes. Bikes fit in holders without tools, hinges or fuss. The frame is made from lightweight, yet sturdy, tubular steel and rubber pads prevent the bike stand from sliding or scratching floors. Priced at only $39.99, this bike stand provides a lot of utility without breaking your bank.

two-bike floor stand - stand only

Santa’s got a brand new ride

The kiddos asked and old St. Nick delivered — a shiny new bike, that is. But depending on where you live, it’s not exactly bike riding season. So after dad gives in and lets them do a couple laps around the living room, what do you do with the new ride until the snow thaws?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There are lots of things you can do to make sure your fresh wheels are in still in new condition when the summer sun comes back.

Bicycle storageCeiling Mount Bike Lift

  1. Garage Bike Storage Systems: Whether you mount it or hoist it, there are lots of options. Most of these ceiling storage designs are great because you can keep bikes inside, safe from the winter elements, but still have access to your garage. Mom’s happy because she doesn’t have to scrap her windshield before work AND because bikes are out of little ones sight, out of mind until summer. Dual Bike Stand
  2. Bike Stands: Free standing bike stands are a great resource if you have the floor space OR if you’re hesitant about your handiness and would prefer not to hang heavy objects above your not-quite-paid-off car. You can snag one up for less than 100 bucks and easily store bikes during the off season.
  3. Wall Bike Storage: Your final option is wall-mounted holders. These are my favorite because they’re inexpensive, easy to install on your own and still clear floor space in the garage or basement without hoisting to the ceiling.