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Affordable Bike Racks for the Budget Conscious

For the last few months I have been using a jerry-rigged “bike rack” to store my ride. While this has been extremely cost effective, I worry that my bicycle will get stolen at some point. The bicycle is simply tied up to a truss in the parking garage below my building. While this basement garage is fairly well-secured, it is not particularly difficult for an intruder to get into if he or she so desired. So I started to research an appropriate bicycle rack for my storage needs and came across and (perhaps not so surprising) revelation: bicycle racks are expensive! Here are a couple suggestions for affordable bike racks.Afforable Bike Racks

While you may not want to blow your money on a bike rack, it is important to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish. If your bicycle is not secured properly, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands to replace your bicycle or its parts when you could have just parted with 50 bucks or so to keep it properly stored. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, you will be extremely happy with your decision when you realize the garage has been raided but your bicycle was left untouched.

So let’s go onto the affordable bicycle racks so you can find the proper storage for your ride. While you can definitely spend some big bucks on a rack, there are plenty that are sturdy, secure and low-cost.

Two great affordable bike racks

The Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack has a very fitting name – it is both extremely durable and lightweight, making it perfect for those that need to store their bicycle on the go. The rack can hold up to two bicycles, and with a price tag under 60 dollars, is certainly a great affordable bike rack choice.

For those that are a little more tight on space, the Platinum One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount is a great affordable bike rack option. This rack can be installed onto the wall and takes up next to no space! The rack can hold one bicycle at a time and comes in at a price under $40! This is one of the most simple affordable bike racks available today.

Affordable Bike Racks

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable bike racks available for any situation and need. With so many options available, there really is no excuse for you to keep tying your bike up to trees and stops signs in your front yard!

Bicycle Storage Rack After a Big City Ride

One of the best ways to get in shape is to use your bicycle to get around. This two wheel transportation mode provides an excellent work out for your legs and core. Not only that, riding your bicycle is a great way to get around and avoid traffic. When you are done with the ride, be sure to have the proper bicycle storage rack to keep it in tip top shape.

I know that I have found the benefits of cycling since moving to traffic-choked Southern California. Driving my car simply became too tedious and infuriating, and I would come home in a terrible mood every day. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in your car for an hour on the dirty 101 freeway only to go 7 miles. I could have jogged that fast!

However, there are lots of great reasons to bicycle in Los Angeles (and your city too) other than soul-crushing traffic.

For one, you get an up-close look at all the interesting neighborhoods that make up the city. Instead of seeing the neighborhoods whiz by at 45 miles per hour, you get to see everyday interactions by your fellow denizens. Perhaps you notice some street art you never saw before, or find a new restaurant that is tucked away, out of sight from automobile traffic.

Once you get home, it is important to keep your bicycle in great shape. That means putting it in a bicycle storage rack so it stays off the ground and does not get any damage. The bicycle storage rack that best fits your needs is not a universal thing.

Which bicycle storage rack is right for me?

Bicycle Storage Rack

Some people have lots of floor space or even a garage, and in that case I would recommend a freestanding bicycle rack. Others have cramped space in the garage, or perhaps live in an apartment. For those folks, I would recommend a hanging bicycle storage rack like the Gravity Bike Rack. This saves floor space and allows you to store multiple bicycles in one place.

Hopefully you can use this advice and begin your own bicycle commuting adventures in your town!

Bicycle Accessory Storage: Important but Overlooked

We often discuss ways to store and transport your bicycles here on the Bike Racks Blog. However there one subject that does not come into discussion very often. That subject is the different oBicycle Accessory Storageptions that exist for bicycle accessory storage.

Those of us that are serious about bicycling often have an enormous collection of gadgets and gizmos for our ride. Unless you live in a bicycle emporium, that means you are going to have to invest in some serious bicycle accessory storage options.

Luckily for you fellow rider, there is a vast array of accessories that will help you store your accessories!

First off, there is bicycle accessory storage for the home. Items such as the Double Vertical Wall Mounted Rack provide excellent storage for a range of accessories. Not only does it offer a shelf for your helmet and a top shelf for your cycling shoes, it also provides wall-mounted bicycle storage. This rack is perfect as a bicycle accessory storage center in your closet or garage!

Now that you have your bicycle accessory storage all squared away at home, you can start thinking about storage in the car.

Anther Bicycle Accessory Storage OptionBicycle Accessory Storage

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to bicycle right to our riding path. Most people need to place the bikes on a car rack and drive out to their destination. With that in mind, it is important to have all of your accessories in one spot when you arrive. That way you can maximize the time you spend riding and minimize the time you spend preparing for the ride.

The Bike Organizer Rail is perfect for ensuring your bike accessories are ready for the ride! This bike rack is also wall mounted, and includes storage accessories like a hook for storing your helmet orgloves, plus an equipment holder that is great for your pump or other items, and a storage bag!

My favorite thing about this bicycle accessory storage rack is that it includes a storage bag. You can pack the bag with your necessary accessories and be ready for your ride. The bag is small enough that it is easy to carry to and from the car.

Now that you have bicycle accessory storage taken care of, you do not have to worry about forgetting that all-important item for your ride. Nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have a patch for your tire, or your pump was left at home.

Gear Up!

Bikes are bulky and take up a lot of room, which is why bike racks that are wall or ceiling mounted are a great way to free up floor space. Here are a few styles that might help your bike take up less space.

 Bicycle Hanger - Stores Up To Four Bikes

The Bicycle Hanger – Stores Up To Four Bikes allows you to hang bikes by one wheel. This bike rack is great in the garage where space is always at a premium. Holding up to four bikes this rack is ideal for a family or anyone with a bike collection.

Don’t think four bikes will do it? Then the Mountain Bike Rack, with six slots, has the storage you need. This rack allows you to dedicate a wall to storing and displaying your bikes.

For a bike rack that offers storage space for your bike and all your bike gear add the Wall Mounted Bicycle Rack – Double Vertical. Built in shelves are the perfect place to store clip in shoes, a bike lock or your helmet.

With a minimalist design that is subtle enough to use in your apartment or in the garage try the Single Wall Mounted Bike Rack – Set of 2. A hook holds the top tire while the lower tray keeps the lower tire from marking the wall. Use as many of these racks as needed to store all your bikes.

Keeping bikes properly stored and out of the way simply requires finding the right bike rack for your space and your bike collection. From the garage to the living room, wherever you store your bike, a bike rack that takes them up, up and away can be a convenient way to make the best use of your space. These bike racks will give you extra space to hang, while giving your bikes a place to hang too.

Wall Mounted Bike Storage

The garage or shed can end up being the catchall place where anything and everything ends up. Since you’re always running short on storage space, having wall mounted storage for larger items like bikes is a great way to free up floor space and create an organized space. Whether you have a lot of bikes you need to store or are looking for compact storage that only holds one there is a rack to fit your bike collection.

Holding up to six bikes the Mountain Bike Rack offers lots of storage in one place. This rack is perfect for a family or anyone with an extensive bike collection.

Looking for storage for both your bikes and your bike accessories? Then the Wall Mounted Bicycle Rack – Double Vertical is the ideal storage solution. This rack holds two bikes and has built in shelving for storing your bike shoes or helmet.

Working with a right space? Then the Folding Bike Rack will be a perfect fit. This compact bike rack can be folded up flat against the wall so it’s out of the way when not in use.

The One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount is another compact bike rack that provides convenient storage. The adjustable design allows this rack to fit a variety of bike frames.

Want the convenience of a wall mounted bike rack without the installation. Use the Platinum Tension Mount Bike Rack to get the same style of bike storage, but with an easier to remove design.

By adding a wall mounted bike rack you can free up storage space and keep bikes ready for your next ride, whenever that may be.

Mountain Bike Rack

Wall Mounted Bicycle Rack – Double Vertical

Folding Bike Rack

One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount

Platinum Tension Mount Bike Rack

Challenge the Laws of Gravity with this Gravity Challenging Bike Rack!

Jeez, how about this guy? He’s headin’ for a brusin’ — or crusin’ for a hurtin’. If only we could save him from his fate, with like a really neat futuristic device that could change the way gravity works, like really just make sure he didn’t clobber his face and more importantly wreck that sweet bike, simply by using a device that could stop gravity in it’s tracks and by extension stop this guy and his bike in their tracks so he didn’t wreck that cool bike and break face, which he’s about to do. Man, too bad it’s only 2010 (almost 2011, ha-ha) and no one has invented that futuristic thing yet, and when they do, they should invent a futuristic time machine so they can go back in time and stop this guy from eating it. But hey, maybe he didn’t crash his bike into that rock, sending him over the edge of that cliff, maybe gravity DID stop, maybe gravity stopped, and everyone was so freaked out that some forward-thinking guy actually had time to go run and get his camera and take a photo of this biker floating in midair. Maybe. I doubt it. You don’t mess with gravity. But what I don’t doubt, is the coolness of this similarly titled bike-rack, the Gravity Bike Rack. Cool!! Right? It’s from Stacks.

A bicycle stand built for two! The space-saving Gravity Bike Rack holds 2 bicycles and helmets securely and needs no installation. Just choose a location and place the bike-rack against any wall. That’s all! No drilling into walls, and no mounting hardware. For added convenience, this unique bike storage stand has two hooks to hang riding helmets. Rubber pads on the back of the rack protect your wall. Perfect for apartments, condos, garages, homes and anywhere space is limited or permanent markings are prohibited. Arms can be partially rotated. Bike rack extends 12.5″ from the wall. Made of sturdy steel tubing. Weight limit is 100 pounds. Good luck!

Bike Racks are Under Attack again — and this time it’s SERIOUS!

Oh my GOD! The New World Order is trying to take away our bike racks AGAIN!! You should read THIS ARTICLE from The Denver Post as fast as possible!! Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” “This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed,” Maes told about 50 supporters who showed up at a campaign rally last week in Centennial. Maes said in a later interview that he once thought the mayor’s efforts to promote cycling and other environmental initiatives were harmless and well-meaning. Now he realizes “that’s exactly the attitude they want you to have.” “This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms,” Maes said. He added: “These aren’t just warm, fuzzy ideas from the mayor. These are very specific strategies that are dictated to us by this United Nations program that mayors have signed on to.” My GOD — this isn’t a ha-ha moment, this is very real. The UN is going to quite possibly strip away all our human rights, and do it after tempting us bike enthusiasts with the promise of more bike racks and paths!! Anyway, until people figure out that we can have bike racks without UN control, and until people start to think for themselves and we fight the UN, we still have plenty of great racks right here and now!

In these troubling economic times, and even in Denver, you need value and dependability. If that’s what you’re after, then you’re after this awesome Aluminum Bike Rack that is Tension Mounted! There’s no minimum to the aluminum here, friends, it’s all aluminum. This rack is sleek and slender and it totally stores up to 2 bikes right out of the box, or you can add more with other attachments. If you look at the web page you’ll see how. It’s cool! It’s got a no-holes tension adjustment that secures the bike rack without wrecking your wall, and in these tough economic times, that’s cool. It adjusts to fit ceilings from 7′ to 11′ — like the convenience store. And that’s convenient. I would say this is a futuristic rack, maybe not crazy futuristic like the new space-age phones and all the internets, but it’s still pretty dang modern. You don’t really need anything more than a roof over your head, a nice family (just like my girlfriend and three daughters), a couple of bikes, and a good place to rack them. All this other crazy technology is just glitter. It’s cool, but you can always just stick to the essentials! Good luck!

The biggest BIKE RACK ever in HUMAN HISTORY!!

These days, in this period of tough economic times, it seems like taking time for art is kinda wasteful, but I disagree! You might take one look at this incredible Bike Rack Art and think it’s not only too big, but a waste of bikes and metal and time and energy. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s ART! This massive bike rack structure was created by bestselling artist Christo, and this photo was taken 1 day before he wrapped the entire project in a blue canvas. That’s right, that REALLY is Christo’s M.O. — he does weird wrappings and landscapes with colored umbrellas. Weird? Maybe! But it’s art, and good for him to make a gigantic bike rack! Anyway, all this art can sometime take you away from what’s important in life. It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m still all about finding you the best bike racks available. Just like this one! It’s prefect and simple and easy and cool!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel as well as the wall, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends! Good luck!

In a Pinch? Pinch Back with this Surprisingly Simple Bike Rack!

These days, in this period of tough economic times, it seems like time is just flying away! It seems like a minute no longer has 60 seconds anymore! It’s all just going so fast, I would totally understand if you were having trouble finding the time to find a really nice, fancy bike rack. I would. And don’t worry, I understand. Sometimes you just need to get that bike racked as fast as possible, and not worry about glitter and nonsense. Sometimes I get carried away with all my excitement for the coolest and newest designs of bike racks, but sometimes these racks are expensive and require a lot of research to make sure you get the right one. It’s okay. I found a great rack for you, that’s prefect and simple and easy and fast!

This is the really cool Bicycle Hook ProStor PIW-1 with an Iron Wedge. Look at that: no fuss, no problems! Ha-ha. Not that bike racks are ever a problem! You store your bikes on the wall or ceiling of your garage with the Iron Wedge bike hanger part — and they hang like vampires from the ceiling, or the just stick to the wall if that’s where you put it! It’s got a cool cushioned sleeve to protect your bike’s wheel, and it’s made from heavy-duty, REALLY-heavy-duty epoxy-coated, laser-cut 12-gauge steel. Dude, right? That’s tough stuff. And if you’re really crazy about security (and who isn’t in these tough economic times), the Hook features a “V” cutout to accommodate a cable lock! Awesome. This is a bicycle rack that is simple, and cool, and great! Check it out, friends!  Good luck!

Circles & Triangles: The Crazy Geometry of a Really Cool Bike Rack

Boy, keeping Bicycles out of the way and safe sure is a tough thing to do sometimes. But I love it! Ha-ha. Really, though, when I need to rack a whole bunch of Bicycles together at the same time, in the same place, there really is only two options: rack them on an old fashioned, ground-secured bike rack, or go for it and hang them all from a hanging bike rack not unlike this cool bike rack that I found! It’s called the Bicycle Hanger, and it works wonders when you really need to Rack up to four bikes in a hurry, while keeping your garage all clean and organized — the way it should be!

Certainly tough, certainly durable, and certainly boasting an industrial-ish in it’s look, the Bicycle Hanger may not be as flashy as the cool kind of hanging Bike Rack that has wires and pulleys and makes your bike levitate like Peter Pan. But hey, we didn’t all get Ninendos for Christmas, you know? Sometimes you don’t need all that flash and pizazz, sometimes you just need the essentials, and that’s what the Bicycle Hanger offers.

And boy does it offer it! It can hold up to 200 pounds! No kidding! And up to four bikes! Amazing.  The durable and strong geometric design ensures this wall mounted bike rack is up to the task. And holding up to 200 pounds, so less bikes, if they weigh more. Or one 200 pound bike.  Mount this bike rack to the garage wall for elevated storage with a geometric twist. So if you’re looking for a great way to keep those bikes racked, and don’t want the whole production of a hanging bicycle factory, then the Bicycle hanger is your best bet! Go for it and you’ll have convenient storage in a snap!